Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) provided a press visit to Bang Pakong Power Plant, observing the power plant management to stay with the community in harmony and its preparation for green industry certificate within 2014, with the aim to ensure the community’s confidence in the project management of the Replacement of Bang Pakong Units 1-2.

Mr. Pol Kongsue, Assistant Governor-Generation 3, said that Bang Pakong Power Plant with the installed capacity of 3,720 MW was located in both residence and industrial zones. It was the first power plant in Thailand using the natural gas from the Gulf of Thailand, contributing to the development of the eastern seaboard to be the industrial zone for more than 29 years. Alongside the power generation, EGAT always take care of the environment and community with the aim that the power plant and the community can stay together in harmony.

In every phase of the project - the initial phase, the construction phase, and the operation phase, Bang Pakong Power Plant has continually monitored the environmental impact. Air, water, noise, and dust are controlled to the limit regulated by Department of Industry. Public participation is also another way EGAT has implemented to create public’s confidence in environmental management. There are various projects EGAT established to support public participation such as Water Detecting Project to monitor the water quality around the power plant and Youth Green Power Plant Project to develop the environment in the site of power plant for the community’s better life quality. Moreover, Bang Pakong Power Plant supports career development in the community so that people can be sustainably self-dependable.

Mr. Pol Kongsue also revealed that within 2014, EGAT would get every power plant owned by EGAT prepared to acquire green industry certificate from the Ministry of Industry. The criteria to acquire the certificate of Green Industry Project cover 3 aspects including society, safety, and environment, and all power plants owned by EGAT are equipped with all of those criteria. When Bang Pakong Power Plant is certified, the trust and confidence from the community will increase.

Mr. Pol Kongsue further said that according to Power Development Plan (PDP 2010), EGAT was required to construct more combined cycle power plants using natural gas as fuel. Bang Pakong Units 1-2 were decommissioned in 2009, and EGAT had the plan to construct the Replacement of Bang Pakong Units 1-2 with the capacity of 1300 MW. The project is now in the process of public hearing in accordance with the announcement of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment as well as public participation and environmental and health impact assessment specified by Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning. The project was scheduled for commercial operation at the beginning of 2019.