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         Electricity consumption during the end of 2013 and the beginning of this year has been lower than expectation because of cool weather and the economic growth that slows down. The new expectation of electricity demand of the year 2014 will have been handled by this February. At the same time, EGAT gets prepared to cope with the gas supply cut from 2 natural gas sources and ensures the security of electrical system and sufficient electrical power.


         Earlier, the electricity peak demand in 2014 was expected to be around 27,206 MW, which was higher than the last year around 607.9 MW or 2.29 percent. However, with continual cool weather and the economic growth that tends to slow down, the electricity demand in December 2013 and January 2014 was lower than expected. EGAT then needs to adapt the expectation of electricity demand to correlate with current situation. The expectation will be based on the figures of GDP received from related organizations like Bank of Thailand and Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board, which will be considered with other factors. The new expectation will be available this February.

For the maintenance plan of Bongkoch natural gas source in the Gulf of Thailand during April 2014 and JDA Thai-Malaysia source during June 2014, the situation is not serious as it will happen after the annual peak period. However, EGAT has already planned for electricity generation and fuel reserve to handle the electricity demand during that period. The gas supply cut from JDA Thai-Malaysia will make the capacity in the south of Thailand decrease by 700 MW, contributing to the increasing dependency on the electricity generated in the central Thailand. EGAT will closely follow the situation both in generation and transmission systems so people will have sufficient electrical power.