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          EGAT and communities harvested the rice planted in the demonstration rice field on Mother’s Day, at Biological Way of Life Demonstration Rice Field for learning the King’s Philosophy, EGAT Headquarters. The harvested rice seeds would be given to biological way of life communities for household consumption and milled for the needy students.

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          On December 8, 2017, Dr. Siri Jirapongphan, Minister of Energy joined the rice harvest under the activity “Plant on Mother’s Day, Harvest on Father’s Day” implemented by the cooperation of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and surrounding communities to carry on His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s wishes and honor his benevolence. The activity was also joined by Mr. Thammayot Srichuai, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Energy, Mr. Amphol Ungkapakornkul, Vice Governor of Nonthaburi, EGAT executives and staff, EGAT affiliates, and surrounding communities at Biological Way of Life Demonstration Rice Field for learning the King’s Philosophy, covering an area of 1 rai in Namprathai Park, EGAT Headquarters, Nonthaburi Province.

20171214E 02

          Mr. Kornrasit Pakchotanon, EGAT Governor, said that on August 21, EGAT and the communities had planted the rice in the demonstration field, and the plants were grown up and ready for harvest. The main species of rice grown is Pathum Thani 1 which is a disease-resistant species and popular in the central region. It is expected that the its product will reach 400 kg. Some rice seeds will be given to EGAT’s Biological Way of Life Network for household consumption, while others will be milled to rice for Lunch Project of Suksa Songkro Bang Kruai School.

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          Around the demonstration rice field is the demonstration of Biological way of Life such as planting, aqua-animal feeding, livestock, environmental management with chemical-free process by Effective Microorganisms, a model of EGAT’s reforestation project comprising headwaters, midstream, and downstream, check dam building, Kaem Ling or Monkey's Cheeks project, and vetiver grass planting in accordance with the King’s Philosophy. All the water used at the field is released from the North Bangkok Power Plant’s cooling tower treated in the waste water pond, to make the worthwhile use of water. This shows that North Bangkok Power Plant has good environmental management without the damage on plants and animals in the vicinity of the power plant.

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          A rice blessing ceremony, a performance of rice harvest song by Ms. Kwanchit Sriprachan, National Artist in Performing Arts (Folk songs - Pleng E-Saew) in 1996, a demonstration of rice harvest by Mrs. Sirirat Soiklom, Outstanding Agriculturist of Nonthaburi and a member of community enterprise network under EGAT’s Biological Way of Life Project, an integrated farming system exhibition, and a demonstration of rice threshing and milling are also found in the event.

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