EGAT in collaboration with Ministry of Energy held 4th Energy Forum with the panel discussion on “LED…The Lighting Revolution?”. The media were invited to join the event and further spread the news and create understanding among public on the power-saving benefit of LED light bulb.


          On July 1, 2015, Mr. Narongchai Akrasanee, the Minister of Energy chaired the 4th Energy Forum under the topic “LED…The Lighting Revolution?” with Mr. Thammayot Srichuai, Director-General of Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, and Mr. Sathit Sukanant, Director of Demand Side Implementation Division, EGAT as the panelists. The executives from the Ministry and EGAT and the media amounting 100 people joined the event at Conference Room 9, 15th floor at Energy Complex, Building B, Ministry of Energy.


          The Minister said that the forum aimed to give knowledge on power saving of LED light bulb to the media who would further communicate to the public switching to use LED technology. It also aimed to promote the use of LED light bulb in private and public sectors, which would bring the tremendous benefits because it was more saving following the economical policy. The experts were also invited to join the panel discussion today.


          Mr. Thammayot Srichuai, Director-General of Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency said that the ministerial regulation on the reduction of power use was implemented for the building to have standard in power conservation. It was regulated that the new building with the size over 2,000 square meters had to be designed with power saving concept. There were 860 buildings of government sector that suited the criteria. The regulation would lead to the energy saving of 172 million units or amounting for 602 million baht. The target in 2036 was to reduce the power use of 89,000 million units. The regulation would also require the reduction of the energy use from 16 watts per square meter to 2 watts per square meters since 2036.

          “Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency has the supporting measure in collaboration with EGAT. For example, for label no. 5, there is the budget provided for the replacement of LED light bulbs and other high efficient appliances. 1,500 million baht from energy savings company fund (ESCO) is provided to drive the reduction of energy use by 89,000 million units following PDP 2015, especially the promotion of LED in every sector for 12% to save power in every aspect,” said Mr. Srichuai.


          Mr. Sathit Sukanant, Director of Demand Side Implementation Division said, “LED light bulb is more efficient as it gives the same level of light but saves more power compared with incandescent light bulb. Presently LED light bulb is 7 times more expensive but can save more power 8 times. It can be used longer than incandescent light bulb for 10-15 times. Compared to compact-fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, LED might be 2 times more expensive but 2 times power-saving as well, while its duration could last 2.5 times longer.”

          Until now, there have been government organizations that are supported by Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency switching to use LED light bulbs with the total number of 315,000 approximately. In 2015, more 450,000 LED light bulbs will be provided with the expectation that all light bulbs in every government organization will be LED within 5-6 years. Moreover, there will be financial support to private sector for LED replacement as well.