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           Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) in collaboration with Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) plans to enter the markets in AEC member countries that require the development of fundamental public facilities namely electricity and pipe water systems. The committee whose members are representatives from the 2 organizations will be set to implement the plans.


           On June 17, 2014 at EGAT head office, EGAT Governor, Mr. Soonchai Kumnoonsate and MWA Governor, Mr. Thanasak Watthanathana signed the Memorandum of Understanding to jointly operate the business in AEC member countries. The collaboration will use the potential and recourses of the 2 utilities for the maximum benefit.

           EGAT Governor revealed that both EGAT and MWA had missions to take care of the security of the public facilities for Thai people. With the same target to invade the international markets, the executives of the 2 organizations agreed to collaborate and signed the MOU to jointly run business in AEC.

           MWA Governor said that in 2015 when AEC would be established, both of EGAT and MWA had to get prepared in finding the new opportunities and channels for running the business in AEC country members. The collaboration between EGAT and MWA supports the share of knowledge and technology and helps developing the business growth of the 2 organizations overseas especially in AEC member countries.

           EGAT and MWA have good business relationship for a long time. EGAT installed micro hydro turbine generator at the pump station of MWA, assisting MWA to have electrical power, used for water supply system, and be able to sell the excess electricity to Metropolitan Electricity Authority. Also, EGAT earned income by selling the generator to MWA. 30 days after MOU signing, the committee will have the meeting with the executives to establish the action plan that supports the business target.