The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) cooperated with the National Housing Authority (NHA) to develop Label No.5 House under the Energy Efficiency Label No.5 Housing Project and plans to expand towards Smart and Sustainable Community for Better Well-being (SSC) by integrating technology and innovation to raise the people’s quality of life in all aspects sustainably.


         On September 2, 2020, Mr. Kulit Sombatsiri, Chairman of EGAT Board of Directors, and Mr. Nattapong Punthakeirtpaisarn, Chairman of NHA Board of Directors witnessed the signing ceremony for the cooperation between EGAT and NHA in which the agreement were signed by Mr. Boonyanit Wongrukmit, EGAT Deputy Governor - Power Business, and Mr. Thaweepong Wichaidit, NHA Governor. Prof. Dr. Pisut Painmanakul, Director of EGAT Board of Directors, NHA Board of Directors, and executives from both organizations also attended the ceremony at the Auditorium, T.103 Building, EGAT Headquarters.


         Mr. Boonyanit Wongrukmit, EGAT Deputy Governor - Power Business said, EGAT has carried out the Energy Efficiency Label No.5 Housing Project since 2017. At present, the project has raised the standards of 14 housing projects to a Label No.5 House under NHA’s Newly Built Residential Houses for Lower to Middle Income Class Project. The project is expected to help the country save energy around 3.6 million units per year, save electricity cost for residents around 14.4 million baht per year, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions around 1,800 tons per year. The first Label No.5 House pilot project was launched at Bowin Community Housing and Social Services Project, Phase 2 in Chon Buri Province. EGAT is also an energy consultant for the residents of NHA’s other communities.

         “As for 2020, EGAT and NHA have expanded our cooperation towards Smart and Sustainable Community for Better Well-being (SSC). EGAT has placed guidelines for the project; for example, integration of air quality display and monitoring system, or Sensor for All; measures to increase energy efficiency, including Smart Energy Solution displayed via dashboard or application so residents can access energy usage information and adjust their behavior in order to use energy efficiently; creating knowledge, jobs, and income for the community in the form of Online for Life which creates skills, increases income, and reduces cost through online clips, and in the form of On-ground for Life, such as EGAT and NHA’s Community Market,” added EGAT Deputy Governor.


         Mr. Thaweepong Wichaidit, NHA Governor said, the Energy Efficiency Label No.5 Housing Project is in line with the National Housing Authority Strategic Plan, B.E. 2560 - 2565 on residential housing for the people, especially those with lower income to have a better quality of life. The project between NHA and EGAT has created opportunities for people with lower income to have access to housing, which leads to a better quality of life, promotes energy efficiency, and reduces energy cost in households and greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, it supports the development of environmentally-friendly house designs and building materials and creates jobs relating to real estate at the national level. From 2017 - 2019, NHA has developed 14 Label No.5 Housing Projects totaling 3,411 units.


         “Currently, NHA, EGAT, and related parties, namely Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University and Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) have cooperated to raise the quality of life of the residents of SSC Project tangibly under the concept of 4 dimensions; participation and responsibility, environmental security, economic security, and social health; with the use of digital technology and innovation to help develop the community under the care of NHA in order to develop residential housing and community and drive development sustainably,” added NHA Governor.