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         Dr. Jiraporn Sirikum, EGAT’s Assistant Governor - Research, Innovation and Business Development revealed that EGAT collaborated with Nissan Motor (Thailand) to test power supply from Vehicle to Grid (V2G) by using an inverter to connect the electric vehicle ‘Nissan Leaf’ to EGAT Headquarters Building successfully for the first time in Thailand.


         EGAT, as the organization responsible for power system security of Thailand, believes that if there are more electric vehicles in the future and energy from vehicle batteries could be supplied to help maintain electricity quality during high electricity demand, power failure, or when damaged, i.e. transmission lines damaged by natural disaster or accident, it will help maintain the system stability and security. Moreover, it also supports the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) innovation in the future. EGAT is also preparing to develop it into a business model in collaboration with Nissan Motor (Thailand).