EGAT, Petronas LNG Ltd., and PTT LNG Co., Ltd. jointly celebrated the arrival of LNG first shipment of 65,000 tons for power generation in accordance with the policy of Thailand’s natural gas market liberalization.

20200106E 01

          On December 28, 2019 at Map Ta Phut LNG Terminal, Rayong Province, EGAT and Petronas LNG Ltd. (PLL) organized the ceremony of welcoming Seri Angkasa LNG vessel of 65,000 tons. The event was chaired by Ms. Nantika Thangsuphanich, Director General of Department of Energy Business and a member of EGAT Board of Directors and also joined by Mr. Ezhar Yazid Jaafar, Chief Executive Officer of PLL, Mr. Viboon Rerksirathai, EGAT Governor, Mr. Tawatchai Jakpaisal, Deputy Governor – fuel, Mr. Chockchai Thanamatee, the President of PTTLNG, as well as EGAT executives and officers.

20200106E 02

          Ms. Nantika Thangsuphanich delivered a congratulatory speech to EGAT and PLL for the first cargo of LNG under the Third Party Regime. Since 2011, PTT Co., Ltd. had been the only LNG importer until in 2017 EGAT was assigned by the National Energy Policy Council to be a new shipper. The ceremony of the LNG first shipment proves that Thailand’s LNG terminal and natural gas pipeline system is ready for the future natural gas market liberalization.

20200106E 03

          EGAT Governor said that EGAT would like to congratulate PLL for winning bidding award of supplying LNG to EGAT from which EGAT has followed the government’s policy to be a new shipper of importing LNG of two 65,000-ton shipments. The arrival of the first shipment was a good sign for natural gas market liberalization.

20200106E 04

          Mr. Ezhar Yazid Jaafar said that PLL was very pleased to supply LNG to EGAT under the government’s policy to support competition in natural gas business and strengthen power system security. PLL hoped that LNG import would run smoothly and achieve the aim and looked forward for the next chance to cooperate with EGAT and other energy organizations in Thailand.

20200106E 05

          EGAT started LNG supply business in response to Committee on Energy Policy Administration’s resolution on August 30, 2018 that approved EGAT to purchase spot LNG cargoes with the volume not more than 200,000 tons. The arrival of the first shipment was scheduled in December 2019, a high demand period and the second shipment in April 2020, a low demand period. Once LNG cargoes arrived at Map Ta Phut LNG Terminal, they were gasified and transmitted through PTT Company Limited’s pipeline system to fuel Bang Pakong Power Plant Block 5 and Wang Noi Power Plant Block 4. This helped reduce electricity price by 0.01 satang/unit. Meanwhile, the second shipment is scheduled for delivery in April 2020 that will fuel Ban Pakong Power Plant Block 5, Wang Noi Power Plant Block 4, and South Bangkok Power Plant Replacement Block 1 that will help reduce electricity price by 0.42 satang/unit.