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          EGAT explained to the press, which published a column about steam and smoke from North Bangkok Power Plant stack, that EGAT had pollution treatment system before emission and air quality check around the power plant. Therefore, air quality around the power plant was safe for human and environment.


         According to Daily News Newspaper dated January 6, 2016 in the column “letter to Daily News” with the issue on “trouble caused by smoke from Yun Hee Power Plant (North Bangkok Power Plant)” people who lived near the power plant were distressed by the smoked emitted from the power plant and asked the power plant to install smoke and dust treatment equipment. Corporate Communications Division of EGAT sent the letter to Daily News on January 8, 2016 to explain about this issue as follows

         1) Emission from North Bangkok Power Plant stack is divided into steam and smoke. These two types of emission are not harmful to people living around the power plant. ‘Steam’ comes from evaporation in heat recovery system from a cooling tower which is wider but shorter than the power plant stack. The steam, seen as dim white smoke, can be seen clearly during the morning and twilight or in humid weather because interaction between hot steam and cold weather condenses the steam into spray which looks like dim white smoke. “Smoke from power plant stack” is gas which comes from fuel combustion such as natural gas. This smoke is treated to comply with the standards before emission. It is barely seen or unseen because burning process in the power plant is highly efficient, and there are pollution treatment equipments which comply with standards issued by Pollution Control Department.

         North Bangkok Power Plant uses natural gas as fuel, so burning process emits very small amount of dust or does not emit dust at all. Therefore, the dust might come from other causes such as transportation or construction nearby the power plant.

         2) The power plant has two types of air quality check that are Continuous Emission Monitoring at Stack and Ambient Air Quality Monitoring. Both of them are real time checking system which are linked to Pollution Control Department and can be checked through the air quality screen at the power plant and nearby communities. Moreover, people can also check air quality by themselves via www.nbp.egat.co.th. If the air quality does not follow the standards, the power plant need to be suspended immediately.

         However, the smoke from the power plant stack has a combination between heat and humidity. After interaction with coldness, smoke is condensed into spray which can be seen as dim white smoke in the morning or rainy day and as grey or black smoke in the evening or at night but it is totally safe. Thus, the smoke from the power plant stack can not be seen in the daytime with dry weather.

         To conclude, smoke that is seen in the daytime or night time is alike but different condition of light and humidity makes it unlike as it can be steam from the cooling tower or smoke from the power plant stack. Both of them were treated before release. Air quality check is also conducted in the communities nearby the power plant to assure that the air quality nearby is safe for human and environment.