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         EGAT has entered the electric vehicle (EV) business and launched “EGAT EV Business Solutions” with 4 EV products and services to build an eco-friendly and modern traveling society with outstanding velocity, safety, and security throughout the journey. EGAT has partnered with 6 world-class automobile companies in order to transform the energy and transportation sector, raise the level of Thailand’s EV industry, and build good air quality for Thai people.



         On March 11, 2021, Mr. Kulit Sombatsiri, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy was the keynote speaker at the “EGAT EV Business Solutions” launching event titled “The Next Future Journey: EGAT EV Business Solutions” and chaired the signing ceremony of “EV Charging Station & Platform co creation for Electric Vehicles Project” between EGAT and 6 leading automotive partnership companies, namely Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MG, Nissan, and Porsche to collaborate on EV charging stations, data link applications, and sales promotions, and to support each other’s businesses. The 6 companies also spoke about their visions, the growth of EVs in Thailand, and the direction of cooperation to support EV technologies and businesses that will arise in the future at Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse in Bangkok.


         Mr. Kulit Sombatsiri, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy said, EV is a trend and technology that will change the world. It has been found that, from 2010-2020, the global sales of EVs have a tendency to increase continuously because of a crucial push to transform a world filled with internal combustion vehicles into a world of EVs comprising 3 main factors: 1. Technology, both a more efficient battery technology which will allow vehicles to run further distances at a lower cost, and AI machine learning technology which is a step towards modern vehicles that are more than just transportation, 2. Air pollution due to fuel burning from internal combustion vehicles which is the main cause of pollution, including greenhouse gas and PM2.5 dust, leading to global warming and more violent natural disasters, and 3. Policies of various countries agreeing on the importance and necessity of promoting the use of EVs.

         As a leader of the automotive industry in ASEAN, Thailand has prepared for the change by aiming to raise the level of the EV industry to be 1 of 10 target industries and become the future of Thailand. It is an important national agenda to secure and expand the leadership of automotive production base for export in ASEAN. In the end, the use of more EVs will promote and develop other innovations, including stimulate the economy by creating and developing new labor markets to enhance the country’s competitiveness. The launch of EGAT’s new business is a gathering of expertise in electric power innovation which EGAT has continuously studied, researched, and developed to promote the use of EVs in the public transportation system, connecting transportation by cars, trains, and boats. When combined with the strength of the automotive partnership companies, it will become the main driving force to help Thailand get prepared and adapt to the transformation into an EV society in the near future.


         Mr. Boonyanit Wongrukmit, EGAT Governor said, EGAT is ready to transform the energy and transportation sector as an EV business provider, which is considered one of the fundamental electrical infrastructures. It is a great opportunity for EGAT to help raise the quality of life and create more happiness for Thai people with EGAT’s new business “EGAT EV Business Solutions.”



         As for the business, EGAT has developed EV products and services to fulfill the needs and create a good experience, making it more convenient for the users. EGAT will assist and connect various businesses relating to this industry to help raise the traveling quality of life in the future and create an even better environment.

         The 4 products and services under the “EGAT EV Business Solutions” comprise:

  • Charging station “EleX by EGAT” is fast charging, safe, and secure in order to support all journeys nationwide. Currently, EGAT has installed 13 stations and is aiming for a total of 48 stations by the end of 2021, with an emphasis on expanding to the main routes in the country and to areas that are needed the most.
  • Mobile application platform “EleXA” is like an assistant who will help increase the convenience at every step for EV users from searching, reserving, charging, and paying. It will become an easy and fast task for all users. EGAT is determined to develop the application to connect both customers, retails, businesses, and various service providers near EGAT’s stations in order to benefit and raise the quality of life of the entire network along with the growth of the EV industry.
  • Charger cabinet “EGAT Wallbox and EGAT DC Quick Charger” will be an alternative for EV users. EGAT Wallbox is a small, compact, and appealing home charger. EGAT is the only organization in Thailand to receive permission to distribute and provide installation and maintenance services to customers directly. Currently, EGAT has developed the 120 kW EGAT DC Quick Charger which will help lower the cost for businesses that want to invest in EV charger stations. EGAT will release the product for commercial use in the third quarter of this year.
  • EV charging station network management system “BackEN or Backend EGAT Network Operator Platform” will connect the entire EV ecosystem, including the generation and transmission systems, EV charging stations, EVs, and EV users, which will help maximize the efficiency, stability, and security of the overall management, along with a standardized data security system and a technical analysis system that is available for 24 hours a day.





         The products and services will be available for everyone in 2021. EGAT welcomes allies from all sectors who would like to develop their businesses, to help grow the EV industry and drive Thailand towards an eco-friendly and low carbon society. EGAT invites those who are interested to view further information about the business at www.elexaev.com.