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          EGAT joined SETA 2019 exhibiting new energy innovations and technologies that represent its intention to drive the country’s power system with modern technologies and innovations. At the same time, community power plants developed from the concept of Sufficiency Economy which complies with the Unites Nations’ policy will be another important step of development at the local level.

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          On October 10, 2019, Dr. Prasert Sinsukprasert, Inspector General of Ministry of Energy chaired the opening ceremony of Smart Energy Transformation Asia 2019: SETA 2019 held on October 10-12, 2019 with Asso. Prof. Dr. Tatchai Sumitra, the Chairman of SETA 2019 working committee reporting the event. Mr. Patana Sansriroujana, Deputy Governor – Strategy of EGAT joined the keynote speech on the topic “New Energy for Sustainability.” Moreover, EGAT showcased renewable energy innovations and technologies under the concept “Smart Energy Innovation for Thai Better Life.” The event that was held at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre can attract several delegates from public and private sectors as well as students and general interested people.

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          Mr. Patana Sansriroujana’s keynote speech on the topic “New Energy for Sustainability” points out the importance of energy for sustainability that supports the use of resources with a concern on environmental impact and the next generations. Until now, EGAT has developed researches and innovations concerning electricity generation amidst the changing context of electricity generation technologies from renewable energy in compliance with the global trend. EGAT has applied energy innovations to improve the efficiency of power system including grid modernization which is comprised of flexible plant, energy storage, digital substation, RE forecast center, national energy trading platform, demand response control center, and grid connectivity.

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          The EGAT Deputy Governor further said that the renewable energy share that will increase according to PDP 2018 and Energy for All policy by the Minister of Energy: one community, one power plant with the use of biomass and biogas for power generation to increase income of farmers will be another mean to create social equality. EGAT has supported the policy via a model which contributes to the mixture of outcomes or produce, namely food and energy. For example, when Napier grass is fed to animals, the first produce is food, and when the Napier grass is fermented with animal waste, there will be methane for producing electricity and fertilizer that are the second and third produce. Also, when the fertilizer is used for planting, the food will be produced as the forth produce. This means that for the whole process, not only energy is produced, but also food.

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          In the afternoon of the same day, there were conferences under the concept “EGAT Research and Innovation Forum 2019 (EGAT R&I Forum 2019)” in which lectures and speeches were delivered by many EGAT specialists. For a speech by an ex-EGAT Governor, Mr. Kornrasit Pakchotanon, global environmental issues were depicted, such as climate change, floods, soil erosion, starvation, deforestation, food contamination, etc which led to a call for global warming mitigation. For Thailand, King Rama IX’s philosophy is implemented for solving the issue.

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          Moreover, there was a seminar on “New Challenge for Floating Solar Development” by Mr. Chatchai Mawong, Director of Hydro and Renewable Energy Power Plant Development Division and other speakers in related private sector. In the evening, Mr. Kulit Sombatsiri, Permanent Secretary for the Energy Ministry, chaired the certificate awards ceremony for organizations that supported the event. On this occasion, Mr. Viboon Rerksirathai, EGAT Governor represented EGAT to receive the certificate as the main organization supporting SETA 2019.

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          For this year’s exhibition, EGAT presented the theme “EGAT Energy Excellence Center” to share knowledge on microgrid within EGAT Learning Center, Headquarters which is a pilot project to test the power generation from solar power and gas engine system using biogas from fermented waste and natural gas together with BESS and Hydrogen Fuel cell. This model helps increase the stability of power generation from renewable energy. Last but not least, a modified electric vehicle EGAT has developed with National Science and Technology Development Agency to support an environmentally-friendly car with the accessible price was exhibited.

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          SETA 2019 provided a good opportunity for the general public to learn and share knowledge and experience on energy development with Thai and international specialists.

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