EGAT assured that Srinagarind Dam, Vajiralongkorn Dam, and Rajjaprabha Dam were safe without the impact from the earthquakes happening in Nepal and Ko Yao District in Phangnga Province.


Mr. Decha Boonyakanjana, Director of Civil Maintenance Division, said that the earthquakes with 7.8 Richter Scale in Nepal and 4.6 Ritcher Scale in Ko Yao District, Phangnga Province did not have an impact on the security of Srinagarind Dam, Vajiralongkorn Dam, and Rajjaprabha Dam. The earthquake monitoring tools installed at the dams showed that the shaking force spreading to the dams was lower than they were designed to resist.

For the rumor that Srinagarind Dam and Vajiralongkorn Dam might break as they were located on Srisawat faults and three pagodas faults, and there would be the flood in Kanchanaburi with the height of 22 meters, EGAT cooperated with Geotechnical Engineering Research and Development Center, Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University to analyze the security of Srinagarind Dam and Vajiralongkorn Dam against the earthquake. It was found that the two dams could endure the earthquake with 7.0 on the Richter Scale without collapse. Moreover, if the earthquake happened with the center far from the dam more than 60 kilometers, there would not be any impact on the dam security.

The Director further said that for the rumor that the dam would break and Kanchanaburi would be in flood with the height of 22 meters, this was in case that the dam broke for the whole length, which would not actually happen. In the past when the dams around the world broke, the water erosion caused only a part of the dam wall to collapse. From the study case EGAT simulated the Srinagarind Dam collapse, there would be the flood in Kanchaburi with the height of 3.20 meters, and the water would take 15 hours to move from the dam to the city.

EGAT has always checked the security of the dams. There is also measure to manage the dam crisis when there is earthquake or natural disaster, and there is the regular emergency evacuation rehearsal with Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation.