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EGAT revealed plans to cope with natural gas supply cut from PTTEP's Bongkot Project . Bunker oil and LNG will be used to ensure that the situation is under control. Later in this year from June 13 to July 10, there will be another disruption from JDA-A18 source. This interruption will stop the operation of Chana Power Plant, and consequently affects the power system security in the southern provinces.

The Bongkot Project will have its annual pipeline maintenance during April 10-27 which will impact the gas supply to drop by 630 cubic feet per day. However, this will not affect electricity generation because other natural gas sources in the Gulf of Thailand are still available. EGAT also plans to use 43 million liters of bunker oil and LNG for power generation in case of fuel shortage. As the gas supply cut will happen during long weekend of Songkran Festival, the demand for electricity is expected to be low. It is figured that the highest power demand will be 26,752 MW, while the reserve capacity is 4,122 MW higher than the forecast demand. Therefore, the 18 day-gas supply cut will not impact the power system security.

The JDA-A18 shut down for system improvement from June 13 to July 10 will have a direct effect on Chana Power Plant as JDA-A18 is the main gas supply for Chana. This 700 MW plant must temporarily stop its operation, which contributes to the lack of power capacity in the southern provinces. Accordingly, EGAT gets prepared by ensuring that no EGAT’s power plants are under maintenance during that period, checking all transmission and control systems, as well as reserving fuel oil. Also, all other power plants in the south of Thailand are examined to guarantee no failure in operation during the gas disruption. Still, cooperation from people is needed to save power, especially those who live in the southern part.