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          EGAT participated in Anti-Corruption Day 2019 and declared its intention to oppose corruption in all its forms together with Anti-Corruption Networks from 54 organization nationwide.


         On September 6, 2019, Anti-Corruption Day 2019 was organized by Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT) under the concept of “Join Hands against Corruption,” with a special keynote by General Paiboon Koomchaya, Privy Council, and an opening speech by Mr. Vichian Pongsthorn, the Chairman of ACT. On this occasion, Mrs. Ketkan Wiriyaswat, EGAT Director of Corporate Secretary Office, Mrs. Varaporn Nijsathorn, EGAT Deputy Director of Corporate Secretary Office, Mr. Arnupharp Dechatiwongs Na Ayudhaya, EGAT Deputy Director of Sustainability Strategy Division – 1, and EGAT officers joined the event and declared their intentions to fight against corruption, together with Anti-Corruption Networks from 54 organizations including government sector, private sector, civil society and educational institutions, at the Event Hall 101, Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre, Bangkok.


         General Paiboon Koomchaya said that Thailand has faced many corruption issues that need cooperation from everyone to solve. Caused by power and benefits including not only property and money but also the security of family members, these problems are considered hard to deal with. The cooperation on anti-corruption from government sector, private sector and media is vital for integrating data to solve the problems. It is grateful for all sectors to pay attention on these issues and join hands to fight against corruption, leading to peace and happiness of the country.


         Mr. Vichian Pongsthorn, the Chairman of ACT stated that the Anti-Corruption Day is held to motivate Thai people to devote themselves and be volunteers to fight against corruption and for the benefits of the nation, resulting in social power against any forms of corruption. Moreover, the ACT will strengthen the Anti-Corruption Networks by extending the cooperation to the public, government sector and private sector.

         There are other interesting features including special talk on “Corruption Exposure”, ACTA i : Weapons for Volunteers by public sector, intention declaration forum of Anti-Corruption Networks and special talk on “Keep an Eye on Corruptions from the View of Political Parties” by 6 young politicians