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          EGAT opens online “ENGY Market” where high-quality community products in the vicinity of EGAT’s power plants and dams are on sale. The EGAT officials can buy the community products and sell their own products through this channel. This project aims to create the society with sustainable income under the friendly and caring environment.

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          Mr. Patana Sangsriroujana, Deputy Governor – Strategy of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) revealed that with the outbreak of COVID-19 which has lasted many months and affected global economy in every sector, EGAT as a state-owned enterprise responsible for electricity generation and transmission coupled with social and community care is always beside Thais in every crisis. EGAT set corporate social responsibility strategy to participate in mitigating the difficulties of the public, such as providing financial support, medical equipment, and accommodations for doctors and COVID-19 patients. Moreover, EGAT has cooperated with its network to help the public after the end of COVID-19 together with the preparation in case of the second outbreak. Presently, there has been a launch of a campaign Stop COVID Fast Restart Faster which includes an online market called ENGY Market, Good Products across Thailand.

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          The online market is in Facebook channel where communities around EGAT dams and power plants across Thailand, current and former EGAT officials, and EGAT’s contract employees can join. To be the members of the group, they will be asked some questions whose answers will be kept in the database for the buying-selling benefits. Those who want to join the group need to meet the criteria before getting the seller code in order to post the products. Every time the members post the products, they must give details of the products, such as name, price, delivery, contact channels, product pictures as well as tagging each product for searching convenience.

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          For the first phase, “ENGY Market, Good Products across Thailand” focuses on selling community products made by communities around EGAT sites before expanding the market to other stakeholders. During this phase, there is a team to help and advise the locals to post the products in a way that can attract customers and to give knowledge on money transfer, delivery channel, and online market law. At the same time there will be activities to promote sales, such as game, product review, live videos, cooking teaching with community goods as raw materials.

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          With EGAT willingness to be beside communities in making sustainable income, “ENGY Market, Good Products across Thailand” will be another channel to promote community products and their sales. The project can also strengthen the relationships with the community. For any product that has potential for development, EGAT can upgrade it to be social enterprise or Label No.5 product guaranteed by EGAT. In the future, the products might be exported, while a new business can be formed between EGAT and communities as another channel to build income for the organization and take care of communities. The public can join the group to buy the products since May 28, 2020, concluded the EGAT Deputy Governor.