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        EGAT Governor chaired the opening ceremony of EGAT Model Campus, with the aim to gather and share knowledge about power plant on techniques, procedures, and attitudes, focusing on sustainable knowledge with the same standard for the whole organization.


          On August 6, 2015, Mr. Soonchai Kumnoonsate, EGAT Governor, chaired the opening ceremony of EGAT Model Campus at North Bangkok Power Plant. It was the first time in the world that the real power plant would be used as the learning center. Mr. Rum Herabat, Deputy Governor-Generation and the main supporter of Model Campus, gave the lecture on the role of Model Campus to power generation corporate line. Mr. Charin Karnjanarat, Assistant Governor-Generation 1, as the president of Model Campus gave the lecture on management and performance of Model Campus. Other senior executives and EGAT officers also joined the ceremony at the conference hall, office building of North Bangkok Power Plant, Nonthaburi.


          The Governor said that North Bangkok Power Plant was like ‘model power plant’. It was the origin of modern power plant development in Thailand, which trained the staff to efficiently solve the problems and get rid of obstacles. EGAT always developed and improved the power plant on both of operation and maintenance so that its efficiency and reliability could be competitive in the world stage. The most suitable learning method at the present was model 10-20-70, which meant class room attendance and self-study for 10%, consultancy 20%, and practice 70%. The Model Campus enhanced all 3 learning methods and supported the operation of all power plants to the same standard for the whole organization.


          Mr. Rum Herabat, the Deputy Governor as the core supporter of Model Campus said that Generation corporate line intended to operate EGAT power plants to be the global top quartile in response to EGAT strategic plan B.E. 2558-2568 under “Building Excellence for Society and Thailand or EGAT Best 2014-2025” with McKinsey & Company, Thailand as the advisor. North Bangkok Power Plant was selected as the model plant. The project aimed to develop EGAT power plant management with the focus on its efficiency and competency in operation and maintenance. The establishment of Model Campus would enhance the continual and sustainable knowledge provision and share on techniques, procedures, and attitudes.


          Mr. Charin Karnjanarat, the Assistant Governor as the president of Model Campus stated that developing North Bangkok Power Plant to be Model Campus aimed to share knowledge to other EGAT power plants having the same standard. It was started by selecting the first generation of coaches that were trained and would further transfer knowledge and experience to the next generation. The knowledge they gained would be applied to the power plant under their responsibility. The first generation of coach was from Mae Moh Power Plant and Bang Pakong Power Plant, while the next one was from Wang Noi Power Plant and South Bangkok Power Plant. According to the assessment, it was satisfying. The staff from power plants that had not been trained would gradually attend the training at North Bangkok Model Campus, to apply the knowledge with the same standard to other power plants.


          After the official opening ceremony of EGAT Model Campus, EGAT Governor, executives, and officers went to watch learning media such as performance management comprising of war room, VDO, and role play, and energy efficiency model comprising of energy efficiency diagnostic tool, software application, and initiative.