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EGAT held “EGAT R&D Forum 2015” to show innovation and technology gained from EGAT research and development that aims to give profit and happiness to Thai society.

On June 15, 2015, Mr. Suthon Boonprasong, Deputy Governor – Transmission System, EGAT revealed that EGAT R&D Forum 2015 under the theme “Smart Innovation for Thai Happiness” held at Ballroom, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center aimed to provide the floor of disseminating new knowledge from EGAT research and development to the public. It was also the floor for knowledge sharing among various sectors to create high quality research for the social benefit. The seminar was comprised of exhibition and lecture on research that was interesting among public in three aspects, namely society and community, generation and transmission, and future technology.

The Deputy Governor further said that the research on society and community aimed to show the power generation without waste especially the generation at Mae Moh Power Plant: “Mae Moh Zero Waste Concept”, which could reduce the impact since the mining process to the use of ash, waste from power generation, to produce artificial reef preventing the coastal erosion. The research on generation and transmission presented the development of robots to inspect generators and boilers’ tube and wall, the aerial survey of transmission line by LIDAR technology, the remote control system of substations. The research on future technology showed the house in digital era when power system would be changed from AC to DC.

For 46 years of its mission in power generation, EGAT has given importance on research and development to create new innovation that is beneficial for EGAT itself and the public. For 10 years, EGAT has supported 220 projects accounting for 1,400 million baht, 56 of which are research on community and environment.

“Development of new technology is an important factor that supports EGAT main mission in power generation, along with the awareness and care on environment and community,” said the Deputy Governor.