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EGAT revealed the progression on following the Mae Moh Mine court verdict within 90 days as the Administrative Court judged. Department of Primary Industries and Mines allowed the condition change on environmental preventive measures which were better than the previous ones. EGAT also reported to the Office of Administrative Court in Chiang Mai.


Mr. Saharath Boonpotipukde, Deputy Governor – Corporate Social Affairs serving as EGAT Spokesman, said that EGAT had already followed Administrative court verdict on Mae Moh Mine Case. According to the court verdict on February 10, EGAT had to implement environmental preventive measures on 5 aspects within 90 days or within May 11, 2015, and if EGAT had better environmental preventive measure, EGAT needed to submit it to related units for consideration.

EGAT Spokesman further said that EGAT strictly implemented environmental preventive measures. EGAT also proposed to modify preventive measures conditions for better solution in some aspects, which followed the court verdict in the case that if the measures were better and approved by related units. Director-General of Department of Primary Industries and Mines approved EGAT proposal on April 27, 2015 to change some conditions. The proposed measures were better: planting trees with thick leaves to reduce dust instead of using water curtain and treating water with anaerobic bacteria instead of planting trees in wetland. For botanical garden and golf field, Department of Primary Industries and Mines and other related units had checked and found that they were not in the mine area. The committee, whose members were experts and local people, was appointed to consider the evacuation out of the 5 km-affected radius on April 17, 2015, and the report was submitted to the Office of Administrative Court, Chiang Mai on May 8, 2015.

“EGAT will keep monitoring environmental quality of Mae Moh Mine and consider public hearing for continual improvement,” said EGAT Spokesman.