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EGAT held Quality Control Exhibition 2014 under the theme “Sharing Best Practice, Commit on Innovation through Excellence” on July 15-18, 2014. Its objective was to develop the work quality, strengthening EGAT to become a world-class organization and national pride.

Mr. Soonchai Kumnoonsate, EGAT Governor, revealed that for 45 years since establishment, EGAT had secured and developed generation and transmission systems with the aim that all Thais could access to electricity. The quality management was used to improve and develop working processes. With the collaboration of all staff, EGAT was developed having the ability to handle competitive situation and adapt to any changes. EGAT also developed the quality of communication with the stakeholders in order that they understood, accepted, and supported operation and projects managed by EGAT. EGAT’s highest goal was to achieve the world class organization and national pride.


EGAT Governor also said that for more than 30 years, EGAT had implemented quality tools to develop the work and held the QC exhibitions annually. For this year, it was the 28th QC exhibition under the theme “Sharing Best Practice, Commit on Innovation through Excellence”. All units had to participate in quality development and experience sharing as well as creating innovation that corresponded with EGAT strategic policy together with energy conservation. Also, EGAT is always concerned on the management to lessen the impact on society, community, and environment.


There were many interesting things in the exhibition such as special talk on “how to create innovation, the successive outcome from SCG” by Mr. Kan Trakulhoon, SCG President and CEO. EGAT’s deputy governors also came to share interesting topics relating to EGAT visions. More special than every year was the tunnel with the total length of 30 meters in which quality development by EGAT was displayed. The path to TQC of Mae Moh Power Plant and other information that was the pride for EGAT were also shown. The mascots of the event were EGAT rangers representing EGAT’s 5 visions: Good Corporate Governance, High Performance Organization, Operational Excellence, National Pride, and Financial Viability. Moreover, at the venue, many products were sold including books, OTOP products from the dams, and others.