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         EGAT brought out experts and energy innovation to Future Energy Asia Exhibition & Conference 2020 (FEA2020), showcasing its potential on gas business, renewable technology and transmission system. It also highlighted clean energy coupled with driving digital-based electric power technology, reflecting a trend of electric power industry of Thailand.




         On February 12, 2020, EGAT Governor, Mr. Viboon Rerksirathai together with EGAT experts organized an exhibition and knowledge exchange on energy innovation in the FEA2020, held on February 12-14, 2020, at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre: BITEC. In the event, Mr. Kulit Sombatsiri, Permanent Secretary of Energy Ministry and EGAT Board of Directors, presided over the opening ceremony in which EGAT Governor delivered an address on “New Value Chain Creation in ‘Seamless Connectivity’ throughout Energy Hub of ASEAN and Beyond.”


         EGAT Governor stated that regional grid connectivity will enable more use of clean energy such as hydro, solar, and wind energy in electric power generation, resulting in less environment constraints, eventually leading to sustainable development. With advanced technologies, the regional grid connectivity can provide a solution to deliver power to meet power needs as well as helping to address the “energy trilemma” of security, affordability and sustainability.



         Over the years, Thailand has studied ASEAN’s grid interconnection. EGAT have now achieved cross-border interconnection with neighboring countries such as Lao PDR and Malaysia. In the future, EGAT will put forward the cross-border interconnection to Myanmar, Cambodia, and Singapore; enhancing regional security, effective resource utilization, resource sharing and flexibility of the ASEAN power sectors in facilitating the increasing share of renewables, particularly solar and wind. It is the time to be open-minded and embrace the challenge from the energy transition. To achieve such challenge, the regional cooperation is the key for success.


         Moreover, EGAT held a discussion at the EGAT VIP Workshop moderated by Mr. Patana Sangsriroujana, EGAT Deputy Governor - Strategy, with guest speakers from EGAT and leading global power generation companies. The 3 discussion topics were 1) RE Grid Integration, 2) Regional RE Integration & RE Integration Solutions to be Firm Power Supply, and 3) Regional Strategic RE (Community Power Plant).



         EGAT showcased the exhibition under the concept “Innovate power solutions for a better life” which reflects EGAT’s determination according to the vision to use innovation in power generation for the better life of Thai people. The exhibition showcased highlight innovations such as EGAT FSRU: The Floating Storage Regasification Unit Project, EGAT Energy Excellence Center: The Future of Energy Management in the Area by Combining Alternative Energy with New Technology, Hydro-Floating Solar Hybrid: A Hybrid Power Generation System Combining Hydropower from Dams and Floating Solar Panels, EGAT E-Bikes No.5, and Transmission & Distribution: Grid Connectivity Towards a Power Trading Hub of ASEAN.



         The exhibition included a Talk Zone in which EGAT brought out experts to share knowledge throughout the 3 days of the exhibition. The topics are LNG Shipper: The Role of an LNG Importer (February 12, 2020), Opportunity and Challenge for Hydro-Floating Solar Hybrid (February 13, 2020), and EGAT Energy Excellence Center: Energy Management in the Area by Combining Alternative Energy with New Technology (February 14, 2020).

         Future Energy Asia 2020 is a global exhibition and conference aiming to be a platform for the leading energy organizations in Asia to exchange energy policies, knowledge, and information and to enhance regional energy integration for the future of energy industry. The event is also a meeting point for seeking business opportunities and exchanging technology.