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          EGAT together with Ministry of Energy and leading domestic and international energy organizations will host Asia’s biggest energy exhibition and conference “Future Energy Asia 2020” at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre: BITEC, on February 12-14, 2020, highlighting oil and gas businesses, renewable energy, and transmission and distribution to promote the awareness of sustainable energy to governmental and private organizations and respond to the complete transformation to clean energy and digital economy.


         EGAT Deputy Governor – Strategy, Mr. Patana Sangsriroujana as the President of EGAT Working Group for Future Energy Asia 2020 said that EGAT is a co-host of the Future Energy Asia Exhibition & Conference 2020, or Future Energy Asia 2020, a global exhibition and conference, aiming to be a platform for the leading energy organizations in Asia to exchange energy policies, knowledge, and information and to enhance regional energy integration for the future of energy industry. The event is also a meeting point for seeking business opportunities, exchanging technology and organizing academic conference for governmental and private organizations. Held on February 12-14, 2020 at BITEC, Bangkok, EGAT will showcase an exhibition under the theme “Innovate Power Solutions for a Better Life” and will organize an academic workshop with domestic and international organizations. EGAT aims to drive technology transformation and economic restructuring to technology-based economy for energy security and prosperity of Thailand in the future.

         The official opening ceremony of the Future Energy Asia 2020 will be held on February 12, 2020, in which Mr. Viboon Rerksirathai, EGAT Governor will deliver a Thai Power Address on “New Value Chain Creation in ‘Seamless Connectivity’ throughout Energy Hub of ASEAN and Beyond.”

             EGAT exhibition will display 3 parts as follows:

  1. Oil & Gas: EGAT’s LNG Import Project and Surat Thani Power Plant
  2. Renewable Energy: A new challenge for hybrid firm projects and an update on the Hydro-Floating Solar Hybrid Projects under the Thailand Power Development Plan (PDP2018), RE integration solutions under the Microgrid Sandbox Project, EGAT - Energy Excellence Center (EGAT-ECC) at EGAT Leaning Center (EGAT Headquarters), EGAT E-Bike No. 5, and EGAT’s role on community power plants under the policy “Energy of All”
  3. Transmission & Distribution: EGAT’s direction towards becoming a power trading hub of ASEAN



         The Talk Zone will also be held at EGAT Exhibition by EGAT experts with the topics : 1) LNG Shipper, 2) Opportunity and Challenge for Hydro-Floating Solar and 3) EGAT Energy Excellence Center. EGAT hopes that the co-hosting of Future Energy Asia 2020 will drive the country’s energy industry and create a momentum in future sustainable power development.