EGAT in coordination with the Tourism Authority of Thailand is ready to welcome all tourists to experience the winter event organized at Mae Moh Power Plant in Lampang province on November 29- December 1, 2013.


At Mae Moh Power Plant, EGAT has constantly taken care of environmental quality and the people’s quality of life. With the monitoring system and pollution control, the air quality there is better than the standard. With this achievement, the site of Mae Moh Power Plant was promoted to be a natural tourist attraction with the annual Mae Moh Festival being held in winter to persuade tourists to experience the beautiful scenery and clean air. Up until now, the event has played a part in developing the economy of the community and Lampang province for 10 years.

For 3 days, the tourists will enjoy many activities including entertainment and knowledge. One of the highlight is the concerts performed by famous singers and actors/actresses form TV 3 and TV 7. There are also comedy shows to entertain the tourists every night. In the event, the tourists will also find themselves in the atmosphere of temple fair with a lot of games to play. The tourists might choose to enjoy the horse carriage ride or visit the field of the beautiful Mexican sunflowers. For the knowledge activity, there is exhibition and knowledge center provided for tourists to gain good experience. There is also food zone and market organized in the Lanna style (Northern tradition) together with music in the garden, and one activity that the tourists should not miss is hill sliding. The 11th Mae Moh Festival is waiting to welcome all tourists.