EGAT has asked Thais to refrain from “open burnings” for PM2.5 pollution mitigation, ensured the good standard of its power generation and air quality control of the emissions from power plants and promoted the usage of public electric vehicles, aiming to bring clean air for Thai people.

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         Dr. Jiraporn Sirikum, EGAT Deputy Governor – Strategy and EGAT Spokesperson, stated that Thailand is facing the problem of fine particulate air pollution or PM2.5 pollution. In Bangkok, its vicinities and other several provinces, the PM2.5 pollution exceeds the standard level because of daily activities, especially from “open burnings,” one of the primary sources of PM2.5 in Thailand.


         “To reduce impacts of PM2.5 pollution, EGAT would like to encourage Thai people to change their behavior with easy actions, such as avoiding open burnings of wastes and weeds. During the season of crop harvest and sugarcane milling in every February to April, sugarcane farmers regularly burn sugarcane stalks before harvesting, which is a major source of PM2.5 dust particles. Moreover, open burnings near transmission lines causing smoke and soot can lead to an arc flash that is harmful to nearby farmers and people, voltage drop or power blackout, which have an impact on power security and electricity consumers.”

         Over the past several years, EGAT has focused on air quality by strictly monitoring power generation process and emissions from power plants below the standard levels, in compliance with the notification of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. In addition, EGAT promotes the usage of electric vehicles for public transportation; including E-bike, E-Bus, E-Boat and i-EV, to provide the service in its areas and for nearby communities.

         Furthermore, the public can help lessen the problem of PM2.5 pollution by reducing using private car, stopping the car engine while parked, refraining from using incense sticks or using electric incense stick instead, planting dust-filtering plants such as Yellow Elder, False Ashoka, Rangoon Creeper, and Sandpaper Vine, in order to create good environment and clean air to breathe all day.