EGAT held a National Children’s Day 2020 under the concept of “New Thai Generation, Knowing the Value of Electricity” in 3 locations in the area of EGAT Headquarters in Nonthaburi Province, and in 1 location at the Government House. The children enjoyed fun activities and learned about the development of energy technology and innovation. They were challenged in an E-Sports Competition, drove replicas of EV Bikes, experienced the power generation control system at North Bangkok Power Plant, and visited the Electricity Exhibition and the Wonder Lights Special Exhibition.


         On January 11, 2020, Mr. Patana Sangsriroujana, EGAT’s Deputy Governor - Strategy chaired the opening ceremony of EGAT’s National Children’s Day 2020 event under the concept of “New Thai Generation, Knowing the Value of Electricity.” EGAT welcomed Thai children and youth and shared knowledge on the development of energy technology and innovation through fun activities in 3 locations including Kamthon Sindhvanada Sports Center, North Bangkok Power Plant, and EGAT Learning Center (EGAT Headquarters) in Nonthaburi Province. Mr. Yongyouth Srichai, EGAT’s Director of Demand Side Management and Social Affairs Division delivered a speech along with EGAT executives and employees who participated in the event to bring happiness and joy to the children and their parents.


         Mr. Patana Sangsriroujana said that National Children’s Day is a day in which children and youth receive warmth and goodwill from adults, not just from their parents, but also from EGAT employees who give importance to children and youth. EGAT prepared great activities and many gifts and souvenirs for the children and is confident that everyone who joins the event will receive good things such as knowledge about energy innovation which will benefit them. EGAT hopes that the children will grow up happily and healthily and help lead the country forward into the future.


         Mr. Yongyouth Srichai said that EGAT holds the National Children’s Day every year and this year’s concept is “New Thai Generation, Knowing the Value of Electricity” in response to the government’s policy and to encourage the nation’s youth to be aware of the importance of saving electricity through fun activities which will help strengthen knowledge, ideas, and expression. It is a collaboration between EGAT departments and officers to give happiness to all children and youth.



         The activities at the Kamthon Sindhvanada Sports Center began from 8 am to 12 pm. The highlight activities were the E-Sports Competition and the EV Bike Exhibition which the children and youth had the opportunity to ride and drive the replica of the EV Bike. Moreover, there were a total of 12 activities in the Energy Land and many other enjoyable activities. There were also food and beverage stalls for participants to eat their fill without any cost throughout the event.



         Additionally, EGAT prepared an EV Shuttle Bus to take the children to experience the control room at North Bangkok Power Plant in order to learn about energy innovation from a real power generator. The bus also took them to the EGAT Learning Center (EGAT Headquarters) which had various activities such as the Energy Exhibition which explores the energy world through 7 zones, and the Wonder Lights Special Exhibition which tells the story of various sources of light and is arranged into a beautifully decorated Neon City. The children also enjoyed an imaginative art activity, an entertaining game room, a sci-show, a radio-controlled car activity, and a stage show performance from the children of the 9 schools surrounding EGAT Learning Center (EGAT Headquarters).



         On the same day, EGAT joined with the Ministry of Energy to organize a booth in celebration of National Children’s Day 2020 at the Government House and was honored by General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister who visited the booth. This year, EGAT transformed the booth into an E-Sports Competition Arena and displayed Energy Efficiency Label No.5 EV Bikes which is EGAT’s latest Label No.5 product. There were also many games and prizes given away for the purpose of sharing happiness and knowledge about energy to the children.