EGAT research team and inventors showed innovations in Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF) 2019, South Korea in which EGAT works were awarded grand prize, gold medals, silver medals, and a bronze medal totaling 7 prizes. Meanwhile, innovations by Move World Together Project supported by EGAT could win 3 awards.

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          Dr. Jiraporn Sirikum, Assistant Governor – Research, Innovation and Business Development revealed that EGAT won 10 awards from participating in Seoul International Invention Fair 2019 held in South Korea on November 27-30, 2019. In the event, National Research Council of Thailand led Thai researchers and inventors including EGAT officials to join innovations display and contest with other international inventors from 27 countries, with the total of 600 innovation works.

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          Seven EGAT innovations awarded from this SIIF 2019 used to win honorary mention from EGAT Innovations Day 2018. One of the seven awards EGAT won, an automatic gas turbine-combustion temperature control system was also awarded Grand Prize which was the highest prize of the event. This invention can automatically and precisely control the combustion temperature of gas turbines, with the ability to continuously supply the power to the system and replace the expensive tools imported from other countries.

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          The other 6 awarded inventions won 2 gold medals that are power purchase data collecting and sending system and a digital platform for centralized operation and maintenance; 3 silver medals which are a map showing lands around the reservoir of Srinagarind Dam through smartphone, an analysis and alerting program on transmission system failure, and Electronic Field Book; and one bronze medal: a coal and gypsum conveyer belt vehicle.

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          Moreover, innovations under Move World Together Project continuously supported by EGAT could win 3 awards comprising of guava-extracted deodorant invented by students from Thamavitya Mulniti School in Yala that won a gold medal and INNOPA special prize from Indonesia and a power-saving steamer cover made by Phrasong Samakkewittaya School in Nakhon Phanom which won a silver medal.

          “We are really proud of publicizing inventions made by Thai people and showing EGAT officials’ competence in innovation development in the global stage complying with EGAT vision “Innovate Power Solutions for a Better Life.” EGAT has supported innovation development, knowledge sharing, and creative thinking of EGAT officials. All potential works for business and commercial opportunities in cooperation with other companies and EGAT Group are also encouraged,” said the Assistant Governor.