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         EGAT made a name for Thailand as an “organization with excellent coal operation of ASEAN” at the ASEAN Coal Awards 2019 by winning 3 first prize awards in the category of CCT Utilization, CSR, and Special Submission, and a runner-up award in the category of CSR, emphasizing EGAT’s development of energy innovation along with caring for society and the environment.


         On September 4, 2019, Mr. Sontirat Sontijirawong, Minister of Energy chaired the gala dinner at the 37th ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting (AMEM). During the gala, an awarding ceremony for the ASEAN Coal Awards 2019 was held by ASEAN Centre for Energy Committee to select organizations which excel in various fields of Thailand’s coal operations and have previously won at the Thailand Coal Awards 2018. These organizations with excellent coal operation, coal transportation, coal utilization, and clean coal technology, and with responsibility to society and the environment have come to compete in the Southeast Asia stage. Mr. Boontawee Kangwankit, EGAT’s Deputy Governor - Office of the Governor, EGAT executives, and EGAT officers represented EGAT during the awarding ceremony of 4 awards. Additionally, more than 70 coal organizations from ASEAN joined the event at Athenee Hotel, Bangkok.


         The Dust Killer Box, which won the first prize, is an innovation developed for coal mining and transportation at Mae Moh Mine in Lampang Province. The invention considers the environmental impact and health of the community around Mae Moh Mine a priority. After using the Dust Killer Box in the area, the amount of dust decreased to less than 5% opacity which is better than the international standard (less than 20% opacity). It also uses resources efficiently and economically because the coal dust collected from the machine can be combined with high quality coal to be reused again. Another innovation which won the first prize is the Clean Coal Technology Power Plant Boiler Improvement. It was piloted at Mae Moh Power Plant, Unit 12 in 2014 to support lignite combustion with 30% calcium oxide without decreasing capacity. Therefore, EGAT does not lose power generation opportunity. It will be used as a development model for Mae Moh Power Plant, Units 8 - 11 in the future.


         As for CSR, EGAT gives importance to community participation in the area by surveying the community’s needs and expectations annually in order to improve the CSR process to meet the needs of the community the most. This includes applying the lessons of King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great’s Philosophy for Sustainable Development as the core to drive, support, and develop the community’s quality of life towards a practical guideline. The process covers 3 aspects, namely economy, society, and environment. Moreover, it gives importance to community research and innovation by collaborating with top educational institutions and research institutions in the country. For instance, developing by-products of power generation into innovations to promote community enterprise so the communities around EGAT power plants can have a better quality of life.


         “EGAT is determined to develop energy innovation to maximize power generation efficiency in order that people have sufficient energy throughout the country, as well as protecting the environment and promoting participation with the community around the area, so the community will continue to develop sustainably,” said Mr. Boontawee Kangwankit.