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At the afternoon tea party with the media, EGAT Governor pointed out that EGAT would further invest for new power plants and transmission system, especially in the south of Thailand with the aim for Thailand power security, despite the only 0.1% electricity demand growth in 2013.

On February 3, 2014, Mr. Soonchai Kumnoonsate, EGAT Governor, joined the afternoon tea party held at Nam Phra-Thai Garden, EGAT Head Office. The guests were media form various agencies. At the event, EGAT Governor revealed the operational performance in 2013 and the plan for 2014.
Mr. Soonchai said that in 2013, the peak demand occurred in May, accounting for 26,598 MW which hit a new peak record. However, by considering the whole year, the electricity consumption increased by just 0.1% because of flood in many areas and long-term cold weather, together with the energy saving policy and Demand Side Management programs. Compared with December 2012, the power consumption in December 2013 dropped more than 10%. It was expected that in 2014 the electricity demand would grow 3% based on the economic growth of 4%.

EGAT Governor further mentioned about the outage in the 14 southern provinces because of the insufficient power capacity in the area. The problem was handled by drawing the electricity supply from the central area and reviewed in order to stabilize the electricity system in the south. EGAT had the project of 500 kv transmission line connected between the center and the south, which was now under the submission process for Cabinet approval. Moreover, there was the clean coal power plant project in Krabi with the capacity of 800 MW that was expected to supply electricity in 2019, and it was now under the public hearing process and study on coal transferring route that would not affect tourism and fishery.

He also said that the investment budget in this year which was 39,000 million baht and 31,000 million baht in the next year was mostly planned for transmission system and new power plant projects including Wang Noi Power Plant Blok 4 with the capacity of 700 MW that was expected to commercially supply electricity in April 2014, and Chana Power Plant Block 2 with the capacity of 848 MW whose commissioning due date was in January 2016. There was also a plan to increase electricity import from neighboring countries namely Laos, Myanmar, and China.

The Governor answered the media about the political situation in Thailand that it might have an impact on EGAT’s operation, such as delay of infrastructure fund establishment and Mae Moh Power Plant Blocks 4-7 replacement projects with the capacity of 600 MW. 

EGAT Governor ended the talk by mentioning Ft of May-August 2014 that would depend on fuel utilization during the first 4 months of the year and international exchange rate. Thai baht was now weak, which caused the fuel cost to increase. If the situation was not well managed, there would be an opportunity of the electricity price to increase.