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          Assistant Governor – Mae Moh Mine led Mae Moh inventor team, the owner of the invention : Protection and Control of Floods in Open-Pit Mine by Automatic 3-stage Differential Elevation Series-Flow Pumping System to participate in a press conference in the occasion that Thai researchers and inventors received international awards.


          Air Chief Marshal Prachin Chantong, Deputy Prime Minister, acting Chairman of the conference held by National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) to honor the Thai researchers and inventors who brought fame to the nation and sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with 20 academic institutes to disseminate research knowledge to society. Mr. Bunpoht Teeravas, Assistant Governor – Mae Moh Mine and Mae Moh inventor team that was awarded silver medal from Seoul International Invention Fair 2015 also joined the event at Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat Conference Room, NRCT, on December 9, 2015.

          The Deputy Prime Minister said, “NRCT has supported Thai researchers and inventors to submit their inventions to international contests and exhibitions, and they have received numerous awards. In the international invention contests held in Taiwan, South Korea, and Belgium in November and December, Thai inventors also showed their achievement.”

          The Mae Moh inventor team led by Mr. Chakapong Kanthakart, Engineer Level 9 and Mr. Wasant Injai, Engineer Level 8 was comprised of EGAT officers from Mae Moh Mine Production Division. Their invention was nominated by NRCT to Seoul International Invention Fair 2015 held on November 26-29, 2015 in South Korea and awarded silver medal.


          The Assistant Governor – Mae Moh Mine stated that pumping the water from the mine was an important mission of producing and transporting lignite to Mae Moh Power Plant. In rainy season when water suddenly flowed into the mine, it was necessary to dig a sump to store the water and install water pumping system to prevent the flood and machine damages. The deep mine pit resulted in the limit of the water pumping system. A big pump could pump the water at the maximum height of 200 meters with the electric power of 1,450 kilowatts, which had an impact on power supply system, while the protection system was required to prevent the damage on warm hammer, resulting in the large amount of investment budget.



          Protection and Control of Floods in Open-Pit Mine by Automatic 3-stage Differential Elevation Series-Flow Pumping System has been used for 3 years. It is controlled by Programmable Logic Control system, SCADA, and smartphone. It can pump the water in the mine with the depth of 450 meters, save the operational time from 3 hours to 10 minutes, and reduce the number of workforce from 6 people to 1 person (compared to the previous system). Moreover, it can reduce the risk of flood that has the damage on the machines because of its pumping efficiency especially for the deep mine.

          “Fuel management is more challenging as the open-pit mining is deeper. With more difficulties, internal cooperation among staff is stronger. New inventions are always successfully invented to solve problems, bringing EGAT the honorable fame. The inventor team is a model for self-development that will further develop the organization,” said the Assistant Governor.