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          Despite the seemingly deceasing number of the infected cases of coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19, it has not yet been a time to lower the guard and return to normal life. People still need to keep staying home and strictly follow public health measures in order to stop the spread and get though the pandemic, timely. So, the mobile positive-pressure powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) protective mask or mobile PAPR protective mask is another invention representing EGAT generosity to protect medical personnel from getting infected with COVID-19.


         EGAT together with its staff from all sections has brainstormed new inventions to facilitate and protect the medical personnel during the crisis. Collaborating with the Mechanical Maintenance Division, EGAT thus invented the mobile PAPR protective mask that can protect healthcare workers from droplet and airborne transmission.

         The mobile PAPR protective mask is adapted from the full-face snorkeling mask with the function that allows airflow in one direction and prevents the reverse. EGAT applied this concept by setting a viral filter that can efficiently filters bacteria and viruses, as the air will be brought through this filter before entering the air tube. According to the study, the fan, which is powered by a power bank, has an appropriate size to make the breathing comfortable. When being brought in, the air will flow through the air tube and then be filtered by a viral filter to ensure the cleanness without bacteria and viruses. The mask can also prevent droplets and filter viruses from other channels not connecting to the fan.



         The mobile PAPR protective mask works by bringing the air in the tube in order to make higher air pressure inside, which can prevent germs entering the mask, resulting in more safety for medical professionals while working. The mask is easy to carry, inexpensive and made of domestic materials. It can prevent droplet better than the N95 mask which has a limited lifetime and is insufficient. The 50 sets of masks invented by the Mechanical Maintenance Division are ready to distribute to hospitals for testing. In case that the masks function effectively, EGAT will produce more masks and provide them to needed hospitals to prevent the spread of the virus.