Move World Together Youth wins a silver medal for international innovation and 3 special prizes at the INST 2015, Taiwan



            Move World Together Youth won 4 prizes at the Taipei International Invention Show & Technology 2015 (INST 2015). One silver medal was gained on energy-saving multipurpose stove, and 3 special prizes were received on hand-rotating rice transplanting tool, bringing the fame to EGAT and Thailand.

          On October 5, 2015 Asst. Prof. Jitti Mongkolchaiaranya, Puey Ungphakorn School of Development Studies and the Director of Move World Together Project led the students from Pla Pak Pittayakon School, Nakhon Phanom Province to meet Mr. Tatree Riewcharoen, Assistant Governor – Corporate Social Affairs, and Mr. Sanit Niyamakom, Director of Social Affairs Division to inform the contest result and express the sincere thanks to the EGAT executives that supported the submission of inventions: energy-saving multipurpose stove and hand-rotating rice transplanting tool to INST 2015, Taiwan between October 1-3, 2018. Energy-saving multipurpose stove was awarded one silver medal in the area of Daily Use Item from INST 2015 Committee, and hand-rotating rice transplanting tool was awarded 3 special prizes namely Honorable Mention from INST 2015 Committee, TIIIA Award for the Excellent Invention, TIIIA Outstanding Diploma from Taiwan Invention & Innovation Industry Association, and Leading Innovation Award from International Intellectual Property Network Forum (IIPNF).


          The Assistant Governor said that 4 prizes awarded to energy-saving multipurpose stove and hand-rotating rice transplanting tool invented by the youth of Move World Together Project studying at Pla Pak Pittayakon School, Nakhon Phanom Province showed the achievement of the students, the school, and the organizations that implemented the project. They also bring the honor and fame to the country. He, as the representative of EGAT, would like to express his thanks to Thammasat University, associative networks, and all students who created the innovations that could successfully solve the problems on energy and environment.


          Asst. Prof. Jitti Mongkolchaiaranya thanked EGAT for giving importance on the development of youth potential through Move World Together Project until it was clearly successful shown by the inventions that received more international awards in each year. All the inventions would be further developed to be local products, gaining the good image to EGAT.


          Move World Together Project in the field of power and environment was implemented for 4 consecutive years under the cooperation of 4 organizations namely EGAT, Thammasat University, Department of Children and Youth, and Association of Human Intelligence and Potential Development. It aimed to develop the creative thinking of the youth in solving the power and environment issues. From 2014-2015, 3 inventions by the youth from Move World Together Project could win 13 prizes from international invention contest in Taiwan and Malaysia. Moreover, 6 inventions could win 8 prizes from the national invention contest. These inventions were electric sticky rice cooker by Ubol Pittayakom School in Khon Kaen Province, power-saving stove by Romklao Kanchanaburi School in Kanchanaburi Province, power-saving sticky rice steamer by Piyamaharachalai School in Nakhon Phanom Province, intensive coral planting innovation by Nuea Khlong Pracha Bamrung School in Krabi Province, gutter irrigation system for plant watering by Pla Pak Pittayakon School in Nakhon Phanom Province, and liquid soap extracted from Kumquat to diminish the rubber lump’s smell by Cha Nong Pittayakom in Songkhla Province.