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EGAT gets prepared to handle the gas supply cut from Myanmar at the end of the year by reserving both fuel oil and diesel oil for power plants in the western part of the country. EGAT is confident to handle the situation without the impact on electricity system security.


From December 25, 2013 to January 8, 2014, The Yetakun gas field in Myanmar will be shut down, contributing to the gas supply loss, accounting for 1,100 million cubic feet. This affects the loss of 300 MW of electricity capacity.
As the cut occurs during the time of lowest demand of the year with the expectation of highest power requirement of 24,000 MW, there will be enough power for the demand.

In 2014, there will be shutdowns of 2 more important gas fields including Bongkoch gas field in the Gulf of Thailand during April 10- May 5, 2014, accounting for the loss of natural gas of 633 million cubic feet and JDA gas field during June 26- July 23, 2014. The cuts will affect the electrical system in the South of Thailand, but EGAT is sure that electrical power in the system will be sufficient to meet all demand. EGAT also would like to call on the people to help save energy.