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          The EGAT Learning Center (EGAT Headquarters) welcomed senior officials on energy of 10 ASEAN countries from the 37th SOME Meeting. Around 30 visitors explored the modern learning center on energy affairs in Thailand and the world. The learning center presents information with a new technique “Interactive Multimedia” to promote participation with visitors.

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          Today (June 28, 2019), Mr. Sanit Niyamakom, Assistant Governor - Sustainability Management of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), as EGAT’s Deputy Spokesman welcomed ASEAN senior officials on energy who have come to join the 37th Senior Officials Meeting on Energy (SOME) and Associated Meeting during June 24-28, 2019 with more than 30 visitors from 10 countries, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, the Philippines, Brunei, Laos PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand to visit Thailand’s new energy learning center at EGAT Learning Center (EGAT Headquarters) in Bang Kruai District, Nonthaburi Province.

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          The EGAT Learning Center (EGAT Headquarters) was built for the purpose of creating a society of wisdom by using modern interactive multimedia to present information on energy to promote participation with the visitors. There are 7 zones, namely Zone 1 Spark, register and receive the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to transform into an avatar and explore the energy world; Zone 2 From the First to the Long Lasting Light, watch a 3D movie “The First Light of Siam to the Establishment of EGAT” which tells the history of energy affairs in Thailand, and a 4D cartoon that creates awareness about energy usage in preparation for the future; Zone 3 Rebalance, experience the future life among people, nature, and technology, and see EGAT’s robots, such as the transmission line inspector robot, the MCR underwater surveyor robot, and power generator inspector robot; Zone 4 Pride by Chao Phraya, experience our mission of pride for the happiness of Thai people, from the watershed to the Chao Phraya River; Zone 5 Life Innovation, survey the history timeline and learn about Thailand’s energy affairs compared to world events; Zone 6 One World, explore the energy world and fuel usage of countries around the world, including the cooperation of the ASEAN energy industry; and Zone 7 Enlightenment, a summary of the knowledge gathered from the Center which is saved in the intelligent wrist band and will be sent via e-mail to be kept as a body of knowledge.

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          Moreover, the Center is a model of energy-saving building as it is designed and constructed as green building which is certified by platinum award of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Its exterior and interior design also follows universal design principles to facilitate the disabled and the elderly while visiting this Center.

          To promote advancement and knowledge sharing, innovations and inventions of EGAT were also displayed on this occasion, including mobile robot for transmission line inspection, robot prototype (generation 2) for generator inspection, kit and blueprint for electric vehicle, hydroelectric power plant control system, artificial reefs made from fly ash for coastal erosion prevention. Besides, EGAT presented the success of the youth in Move World Together Project in which EGAT has promoted the development of inventions from local materials, such as acne gel from sweet orange peel and durian scrubbing soap which were awarded in Seoul International Invention Fair 2018 (SIIF 2018).

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