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          On October 29, 2019, Xayaburi Hydropower Plant in Lao PDR developed by Xayaburi Power Company Limited (XPCL) started its commercial operation, supplying the power to Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) after EGAT approved its plant testing. The power purchase agreement lasts 29 years from the commercial operation date with the average tariff over the contract at 2.479 baht per kilowatt-hour.

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          Xayaburi Hydropower Plant is located on the bank of Mekong River in Northern Lao PDR, far from Xayaburi city around 35 km. It is a run-of-river hydroelectricity system whereby no water storage is provided. Once the water is released through a generator, the power is produced. Xayaburi Hydropower Plant is comprised of seven 175-MW generators, totaling 1,225 MW. The electrical power is sold to EGAT via the 500 kV transmission line from Xayaburi Substation to Tha Li Substation in Tha Li District, Loei Province. The electricity purchased from Lao PDR will help strengthen power system security in Northeastern Thailand and support continual economic and social growth.