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Young leaders, representatives from Move World Together Project in the site of Vajiralongkorn and Ubol Ratana dams, achieved in receiving 9 honorable awards, announcing Thai youth’s ability and creative thinking in the international invention contest in Taiwan.

Mr. Saharath Boonpotipukde, the Deputy Governor-Corporate Social Affairs, acting as EGAT spokesman revealed that according to the report from the organizing committee of the 10th Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart – INST 2014, 2 inventions created by Thai young leaders, representatives from Move World Together Project, received 9 awards. The awards showed the creative thinking skill of Thai students to the world in the international stage. In the contest, there were both of government and private organizations from 15 countries nominating inventions created by researchers, academics, inventors, and students. Also, in this event there were more than 1,000 inventions exhibited at Taipei World Trade Center – TWTC in Taiwan during the end of September.


The Deputy-Governor further said that the inventions from Thai youth that received 9 awards were electric sticky rice cooker and sustainable energy stove. The electric rice cooker which was invented by students from Ubol Pittayakom School in the site of Ubol Ratana dam, Khon Kaen Province, could gain 5 awards namely Honorable Mention Awards, Special Award from South Korea, Special Award from Qatar, Special Award from Taiwan, and TIIA Award for the Excellent Invention from TIIA Outstanding Diploma. The sustainable energy stove which was invented by the Romklao School, Kanchanburi Province in the site of Vajiralongkorn Dam received 4 awards namely Silver Medal Award, Special Award from Taiwan, Special Award from South Korea, and Leading Innovation Award from Intellectual Property Network Forum – IIPNF

The electric sticky rice cooker has the special quality as it takes a small amount of time and energy in cooking rice efficiently. Within 15-20 minutes, this cooker can cook the 800 gram sticky rice. The rice is properly sticky, soft, and delicious. The sustainable energy stove can transfer the heat very fast, and it can save the use of wooden coal or coal pellets for 300%. The 100 gram coal pellet can be heated for 4-6 hours. The two awarded inventions had already been registered for patent application, and they are the inventions that provide the benefit and convenience for the routine life in the cooking activities. They were created from the ideas of new generation complying with objective of Move World Together Project supporting the creative thinking, knowledge management, and local wisdom.


Move World Together Project aims to develop the new generation’s creative thinking skill by providing the knowledge on sciences, energy, and environment. The students are encouraged to practice by themselves, and at the same time the responsibility in solving the nation problems is implanted in them. Moreover, the project establishes the youth network. For the 3 year-implementation, there have been 2,000 students and related persons throughout the country joining the project. 100 projects with problem-based solving method from science and social science procedures have been created.

Move World Together, a project on power and environment has been implemented by EGAT in collaboration with Thammasat University with Asst. Prof. Dr. Jitti Mongkolchaiaranya, Faculty of Social Administration, Professor Phadungsak Ratanadecho, Faculty of Engineering, and Associate Professor Worapat Lakanatinnawong, Faculty of Science and Technology as the consultants, as well as the cooperation from Office of Promotion and Protection of Children, Youth, the Elderly and Vulnerable Groups and Human Potential and Wisdom Development Association. The project aims to communicate knowledge on energy to the youth and encourage them to participate in energy and environment development. Moreover, the project provides the opportunity for the students, a group that is important for the development of the country, to have a floor for creative thinking and invention on energy, which will lead to the environment and power security.