In this era of Thailand 4.0, technology has made life easier than before for many people, especially when they possess smart phones which offer multiple benefits. By downloading applications on your smart phones, you can do a lot of things, conducting financial transactions and buying almost any goods and services any time and from anywhere. The most popular application among staff of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) lately is the Mobike app which enriches workplace quality.


         EGAT has joined hand with Mobike (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the world’s first and largest smart bike - sharing platform, to make 500 smart bicycles available for staff and the public at its Headquarters in Nonthaburi. The introduction forms part of EGAT ECO PLUS project which seeks to create a happy workplace fused with environment conducive to good working performance.

         Aside from promoting health through bicycle riding, the smart bike debut also helps relieving traffic congestion and improving air quality by reducing usage of fossil fuel - driven vehicles within the compound.



         To use the smart bike - sharing, users simply need to download the Mobike app from the App Store for iOS devices and Play Store for Android devices, and register with their mobile phone numbers.

         The riders then scan the QR code at the lock under the saddle to unlock and ride away with only 10 baht per 30 minute payment. When completing their ride, users need only park the bike at designated bike parking areas and manually close the lock on the bike. There are 30 designated parking areas within EGAT Headquarters, easily recognized by “Mobike Hub” signage in black and orange.

         In your next visit to EGAT Headquarters, you can try Mobike which is opened to the public to share the experience and convenience in consistence with EGAT’s 50 - year anniversary theme for sustainable better life. While riding Mobike is now only confined to EGAT Headquarters’ area, plans are afoot to expand the coverage to surrounding communities.