It is once in a blue moon that we see many people across the world paying attention to the same news. In front of a northern Thai cave: Tham Luang Cave at the Khun Nam Nang Non Forest Park in Chiang Rai Province was where many news reporters around the world gathered to update the situation of the rescue operation of 12 children and a coach of Wild Boar youth football team that went missing since June 23, 2018 because of monsoon rain. This was the rescue mission that people across the world who are expert on various fields volunteered to help.

         The news gained a lot of interest especially on the day the rescuers met them alive and safe deep inside the cave. After that, the news on how to rescue them, the barriers, technologies and volunteers across the world to join the rescue mission increased more public and global interest. Until today when all have already been rescued and sent to the hospital, we still see many news agencies keep reporting the boys’ health. Below are some of them to show the power of unity to rescue the people.



          CNN's Arwa Damon spoke to Mr. Narongsuk Keawsub, a diver from Bhumibol Dam, EGAT who helped transport air tanks for the SEAL team. He talked about the risky mission and his concern about the trapped children:

          “We could only see our hands, a short distance. Secondly, the stones are razor sharp which is dangerous for our diving. Thirdly, the passage is very narrow. This is the hardest mission we've ever done. The lower the water is getting, the stronger the current. It's stronger now. Every step of the extraction is risky. I’m quite emotional as a father -- everybody has this feeling because we feel like it's our children who are inside the cave. Everyone is still worried. Will they get out? Will they be sick? We are just praying for them to have a safe return." Published on Jul 10, 2018

          The rescue that captivated the world: ABC News goes inside the mission that saved the Thai soccer team trapped for weeks in a cave. (Watch video


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          In pictures: How the Thailand cave rescue unfolded by BBC News

20180716E 14

    “Initial rescuers at the site reportedly find the team's bicycles, football boots and other belongings close to the cave's entrance.”

20180716E 15

    “Media and volunteers start to gather at the site as heavy rain continues to complicate the search and rescue process.”

20180716E 16


20180716E 17


20180716E 18


20180716E 19

    “Millions of litres of water are being pumped out of the cave system, but with the rainy season in full flow, officials warn the boys may have to learn to dive to get free - or wait months until conditions approve."

20180716E 20


20180716E 21

    “It emerges that Saman Gunan, 38, a former Thai navy diver volunteering in the cave, lost consciousness while delivering oxygen air tanks.”

          More pictures by BBC news at


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