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CSR Policy

     EGAT’s corporate social responsibility or CSR policy has been revised and updated in efforts to make it more relevant to the principles and practices relating to social responsibility in the International Standard ISO 26000 - Guidance on Social Responsibility. EGAT’s CSR policy was established with aims at:

  1. Promoting the practices of in-process CSR along EGAT’s core business processes with a focus on the generation and transmission of electricity with good quality, reliability, and at reasonable prices, and the conduct of efficient environmental operations and management,
  2. Conducting the organizational management based on good corporate governance, good moral and ethical responsibilities, and with respect for and response to the interests of stakeholders in all sectors, while placing emphasis on the efficiency and sustainable growth of core and related businesses,
  3. Giving importance to the respect of human rights, labor practices, and fair operating practices,
  4. Being a caring organization for society and communities, particularly the communities living around existing power plants and facilities, and in areas to be developed as new power plants’ sites, and the adoption of approaches focusing on the interests, needs and expectations of community members,
  5. Building a network of CSR partnership between EGAT and public and private agencies, aiming at contributing to the country’s sustainable development,
  6. Establishing a corporate culture on CSR which can actually put into practices to promote the volunteer spirits among employees organization-wide, and
  7. Promoting the conduct of CSR management practices across EGAT’s command lines, for the benefits of the society at large.


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