Demand Side Management

EGAT has implemented the demand side management for over 29 years to promote the efficient use of electricity as well as to reduce the electricity demand and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the use of electricity by 3Es strategy as follows:

E1 – Energy Saving Equipment

In 2022, the number of No.5 energy-saving labels affixed on 22 electrical appliances of 1,388 models was 18,494,931 labels, indicating the reduced peak demand by 170.36 MW and saved electric energy of 1,094.68 million kWh. From 2018 to 2022, carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation was avoided by 3,792 thousand tCO2e.

In 2022, EGAT adjusted the standard for refrigerator testing to be consistent with the actual use. The measurement of energy used is according to the Thai Industrial Standard. The efficiency criteria of refrigerators with star ratings were specified. The refrigerator with a No.5 label and star ratings was launched for sale on January 1, 2022. On October 1, 2022, the scope of No.5 energy-efficiency labelling for air conditioners were expanded from air conditioners of not more than 40,944 BTU/hour to be not more than 61,416 BTU/hour so that consumers can choose larger air conditioners.

Moreover, EGAT participated in the movement of energy saving under the theme of “Save Energy for All, Join Hands in Energy Saving to Overcome Crisis” through the following activities:

  1. Promoting the use of high efficiency electrical appliances by giving a discount of 500 Baht to 10,000 buyers of No.5 label electrical appliances with the total value of 1,000 Baht and over from April 1 – June 30, 2022
  2. Implementing the project “Clean Your Air, Care Your Life,” which provided air conditioner cleaning services free of charge to 30,000 households, which could save energy by approximately 10% as clean air conditioners work with full competency and conserve more energy.

At present, EGAT is getting ready to affix No.5 energy-efficiency labels on new products and expand the scope of the existing products, namely electrical vehicle chargers, swapping batteries for electrical motorcycles, and split type air conditioners (fan coil, VRF system). Meetings with entrepreneurs and testing agencies have been held to set the criteria for energy efficiency, affix the label, and launch for sale.

E2 – Energy Saving Building

Consultancy for the pilot project of Energy Efficiency Resource Standards (EERS) for energy producers and sellers in 2022

EGAT provided consultancy in increasing efficiency, measurement, and verification of the reduction of electricity use, as well as prepared a report for 31 public and private establishments. The project could save electric energy of 4.037 million kWh.

Energy Efficiency Label No.5 Housing and Building Project

EGAT, in cooperation with the public and private sectors, has implemented the project to promote the design and construction of energy-efficient housing and building in compliance with the efficiency criteria. In 2022, there were seven energy efficiency projects which passed the efficiency criteria comprising 16 housing designs. The construction of 23 housing designs with 824 units have been completed. It is estimated that the completed project will contribute to energy saving of 2.314 million kWh.

E3 – Energy Saving Habit

EGAT has implemented the project of EGAT Green Learning Room since 1998. At present, 484 primary schools and secondary schools countrywide, together with 941 schools in EGAT’s network have participated in the project. Green Learning Rooms have served as learning centers in energy and environmental conservation to be further developed to benefit the society and country. Moreover, it is a part of EGAT’s operation to reach Carbon Neutrality. Each year, over one million students have learned and participated in energy and environmental activities, adapted the knowledge into their daily lives, and extended the knowledge to their families. Students can learn about how to reduce energy use from the following activities.

Smart Green Learning Room

Smart Green Learning Room is equipped with modern technological equipment both online and offline so that schools can prepare learning plans as well as activities to change the attitude and behavior of students in energy use. In 2022, two more Smart Green Learning Rooms were established, namely Sam Ngao Wittayakhom School in Tak Province and Ubonrattana Pittayakom School in Khon Kaen Province.

Green School

The purpose of the project is to promote the integration of energy and environmental conservation in every system of the school. In 2022, 12 schools were evaluated to be green schools. From 2009 to present, 238 schools have met the criteria of a green school.

Low Carbon Society

The project involves contests in energy management and reduction of energy use which will be extended to students’ families. Schools and 17,226 households participated in the activity and could save energy of 5.9 million kWh and electricity cost of 23 million Baht.

No.5 Energy Efficiency Building in Educational Institutions

The project supports the development of educational buildings that use energy with maximum efficiency, taking into account the building, equipment, and energy-saving habits. In 2022, four schools were evaluated to meet the criteria. From 2018 to present, 31 schools have fulfilled the criteria.

Energy and Environmental Innovation Contest

EGAT, in cooperation with Chulalongkorn University, Chiang Mai University, King Mongkut University of Technology North Bangkok, and Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization), organized the contest to promote students to create energy and environmental innovation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for better air quality. The winner will be considered to pursue higher education.

Junior Influencer for Youth Power @Bang Kruai

EGAT cooperated with the National Science Museum Thailand in the activity of promoting junior influencers to build inspiration and mobilize energy and environmental conservation activity in order to expand the green learning network from schools to community and to create Bang Kruai Green Community. The activity was joined by 96 students from primary school and junior high school in Bang Kruai District, Nonthaburi Province.

EGAT Green Learning Society Camp

The activity involves developing the potential of the youth by creating a learning society in seven areas of knowledge, namely math, physics, chemistry, biology, English, social science, and Thai language for 137 students from 11 high schools. The activity took place at Kasame Chatikavanij Conference Room, EGAT Headquarters, Nonthaburi Province.

Electric Motorcycle Promotion Project

In 2022, EGAT provided 51 electric motorcycles(EGAT E-Bike) to be used in EGAT areas countrywide and provided 51 electric motorcycles to be used as taxis in Bang Kruai District, Nonthaburi Province. The activity of the 102 electric motorcycles resulted in a total travel distance of 972,529 km. The riders were able to save fuel expense of 983,973 Baht as well as reduce carbon dioxide emissions of 49.88 tCO2e and PM2.5 of 3,403.8 g.

Moreover, EGAT has set up the infrastructure to support the use of electric motorcycles, such as installed nine battery swapping stations in three places of Bang Kruai District, and developed the application “ENGY Rider” for monitoring the using status and calling for service. EGAT, in cooperation with Maptaphut Technical College, organized a study tour and workshop on electric vehicles and charging station technology.

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