EleX by EGAT

EGAT’s EV Charging Station “EleX by EGAT”

Nowadays, due to the global transition towards clean energy, the electric vehicle (EV) industry in Thailand is growing rapidly, both in the production and usage aspect. It is expected that in four years, the price of EVs will match the price of conventional vehicles, and in 10 years, 30 percent of cars manufactured in Thailand will be EVs. As a country with advantages in transportation and as a manufacturing supply chain in the automotive industry, Thailand must seize this golden opportunity to become the EV Hub of ASEAN in the future, with the cooperation of the public and private sectors, as well as automotive companies.

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, or EGAT, is one of the organizations that has announced its intention to help establish a secure EV ecosystem in Thailand. With EGAT’s experience in EV innovation and technology, which has been researched and developed continuously to support EV as an alternative transportation method, combined with EGAT’s longstanding experience in maintaining the security of Thailand’s power system, EGAT is ready to transform the energy and transportation sector with EleX by EGAT, an EV charging station service under the EGAT EV Business Solutions.

EleX by EGAT aims to assist EV users with fast and safe charging. The charging station consists of two types of EV chargers, namely DC Fast Charge, which can charge up to 120 kW in 15-30 minutes depending on the battery capacity and EV system, and AC Normal Charge, which can charge every EV brand on the market. EleX by EGAT also ensures the safety of all EVs with high quality chargers that meet the international standard so that customers can feel confident throughout their journey.

Recently, EGAT has joined with PT gas station to install EleX by EGAT charging stations at five PT gas stations covering the routes to all regions of Thailand. PT specializes in one-stop service with high-quality products and services; providing a secure and seamless journey for all EV users. The PT gas stations that are ready to provide charging facilities are Pak Chong-3 branch in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Phayuha Khiri-2 branch in Nakhon Sawan Province, Khao Yoi branch in Phetchaburi Province, Ban Tai branch in Kanchanaburi Province, and Bang Phra branch in Chon Buri Province. There are also EleX by EGAT charging stations installed in the area of EGAT dams, power plants, and learning centers nationwide.

Additionally, EGAT plans to increase the charging stations to 48 stations by 2021 with charging stations available every 200-250 km, and 90 stations by 2022 to cover all travel routes in order to support the needs of EV users and help build a modern traveling society, which will improve the traveling experience and create sustainable happiness for all Thais.

Along with EleX by EGAT, EGAT has developed other EV products and services under the EGAT EV Business Solutions to create a satisfying experience for EV users. EGAT is ready to assist and connect various businesses relating to the EV industry to help create an even more eco-friendly environment.

Other products and services under the EGAT EV Business Solutions comprise:

  • Mobile application platform ‘EleXA’ is like a consultant who will help with locating charging stations, charging, making reservations, and payment; making it faster and more convenient for all EV users. EGAT has developed the application to connect customers, retails, businesses, and various service providers near EGAT’s charging stations in order to benefit and raise the quality of life of the entire network along with the growth of the EV industry. The application is now available on iOS and Android.
  • Charger cabinet ‘EGAT Wallbox and EGAT DC Quick Charger’ will be a safe and affordable charger for EV users, a factor which will encourage more people to use EVs in Thailand. EGAT Wallbox is a smart and compact EV charger that can view usage information and give commands through an application. Currently, EGAT is the only organization in Thailand to receive permission to distribute and provide installation and maintenance services to customers directly, for this reason, its price is lower than the current market price. As for the 120 kW EGAT DC Quick Charger, it is a charger made by Thais which EGAT has developed to help lower the cost for businesses that wish to invest in EV charging stations.
  • EV charging station network management system ‘BackEN or Backend EGAT Network Operator Platform’ will connect the entire EV ecosystem, including the generation and transmission systems, EV charging stations, EVs, and EV users, which will help maximize the efficiency, stability, and security of the overall management, along with a standardized data security system and a technical analysis system that is available for 24 hours a day.

In the near future, EVs will be an important mechanism that will help stimulate the economy, create revenue, and improve quality of life, as well as drive Thailand towards an eco-friendly and carbon neutral society in which everyone can breathe good air without pollution. To view further information about the businesses, visit the website www.elexaev.com.

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