Touring Dams with Confidence, Guaranteed by SHA Standard

The role of EGAT dams, in addition to storing water for agriculture and generating electricity for strengthening security of the power system, is to upgrade the quality of life of community living around EGAT dams and drive the grassroots economy for them as well. To that end, EGAT has improved the landscape of the area around the dams, particularly the main dams which have hydropower plants as tourism spot complete with accommodation, restaurant, golf course, park, and new check-in points to attract tourists to the dams. This provides an opportunity for them to buy products of community around the dams which EGAT has promoted as the main occupation to generate income.

EGAT dams have been certified according to the SHA standard (Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration) for 3 activities, namely accommodation and meeting place, restaurants/diners, and sports for tourism which is golf course.

SHA logo placed at the EGAT dams guarantees the hygienic safety which is essential for preventing COVID 19 pandemic, increases tourists’ confidence & safety, and supports the new normal tourism. The SHA standard certification, not only guarantees EGAT dams’ safety according to the globally recognized “Safe travels” protocols of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), but can also promote among foreign travellers the tourist destination in EGAT dams.

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The following EGAT dams which serve as tourism spots have been certified as complying with SHA standard.

Bhumibol Dam, Tak Province

The accommodation at Bhumibol Dam which is surrounded by the lushness of the forest can accommodate private and group tourists. Its conference room can serve more than 400 persons. Swimming pool and bicycles are available. There are several tourism spots in the dam area and the vicinity.

Restaurant in the Northern style “Heun Phu Kaew” is situated in the natural atmosphere with decorated flowers to make you feel like dining on the top of the hill. The restaurant is famous for 4-star recipe in the travel website.

Those who like sports can enjoy the golf driving in the half-century long golf course which is nestled in the hilly environment of Tak province. The golf course is available every day.

Sirikit Dam, Uttaradit Province

In Sirikit Dam, accommodation is available for tourists to relax in the cool and breezy natural atmosphere. There are 11 check-in points in the dam.

Another famous attraction in the dam is the restaurant “Rabiang Nan” which is located on the bank of Nan River from where the beautiful suspension bridge can be seen. The restaurant has several famous recipes in the menu.

The meeting room in the dam can accommodate 40 persons, and the dining room can cater 120 persons.

The golf course which ranks among the top golf courses in Uttaradit Province still keeps its original natural environment and is used in several big tournaments.

Vajiralongkorn Dam, Kanchanaburi Province

The accommodation which is located in the beautiful hilly atmosphere of the misty morning and after the rain can accommodate group or family tourists. Some parts of the accommodation are next to the golf course and the most beautiful bicycle lane in Kanchanaburi Province. Government officials, state enterprise employees, and senior citizens enjoy the discount of 20 % and 50 % respectively.

The restaurant “Ruen Khao Laem” which is well known for its menu “Tom Yam Pla Kang” and other tasty and healthy dishes is located in the beautiful hilly scenery and green field and can cater up to 200 persons.

Not so far from the restaurant is the skywalk check-in point and the golf course located on the vast green field.

Srinagrind Dam, Kanchanaburi Province

The accommodation which is specially designed for tourists who love privacy, as well as those who like to socialize, is available at different corners of the dam which is surrounded by a natural atmosphere.  

The restaurant “Ruen Thara” which has been existing together with the dam for a long time offers specialty for each day and a limited edition of homemade ice cream from seasonal fruit. Another well-known dish is the banana and milk special at Khun Saichol coffee shop which is served only at Srinagarind Dam.

Ubol Ratana Dam, Khon Kaen Province

Ubol Ratana Dam which is only 50 km from the town of Khon Kaen has accommodations of different styles. Tourists will be impressed by the peaceful scenery of the reservoir from the top angle view and enjoy the fresh air. 

The restaurant “Reun Phan Kham” offers breakfast as well as Chinese Dinner. Their specialty is various fish menus and “Phad Thai” with prawn. The golf course occupies an area of 310 rai. The highlight is the path along the Phong River which is lined with forest where the statue of Luang Phor Khao of Wat Phra Buddhabat Phuphan Kham is visible.

Sirindhorn Dam, Ubol Ratchathani Province

The uniqueness of the accommodation of Sirindhorn Dam is the panoramic view of the reservoir which can be seen from your room and you can breathe fresh air. 

The luxurious restaurant “Reun Dome Noi” has the complete facility to organize food parties for tourists conforming to the standard “Clean Food, Good Taste” of Sirindhorn District Public Health Office, Ubol Ratchathani Province. Famous dishes made of fresh fish from the reservoir are fish dip hot pot. 

A golf course is available in the beautiful scenery. 

Chulabhorn Dam, Chaiyaphum Province

Due to its beautiful scenery and the cool climate all year round, Chulabhorn Dam is known as “Thai Switzerland.” It is a place where you can relax, enjoy yourself with your family or with a party. 

The accommodation is available in different sizes and design according to the preference of the tourists. 

Enjoy eating with the water view at the restaurant “Reun Nam Phrom” with the delicious dishes. 

The golf course situated next to the Phu Khiew Wildlife Sanctuary and surrounded by the lushness of the forest with different wild animals offer a challenging experience.

Rajjaprabha Dam, Surat Thani Province

The accommodation in Rajjaprabha Dam, the dam is known as “Thai Guilin,” is decorated with flowering plants in harmony with nature. The accommodation can cater to private or family stays. 

Large and small meeting rooms complete with facilities are available for group trainings.

The charming Khun Sai Chol coffee shop offers “cheap coffee but an expensive view.” Apart from simple coffee, the signature menu of the coffee shop is “mango smoothie.”  

The golf course is designed to be harmonious with the mountain landscape including the club house which is complete with facilities.

Bang Lang Dam, Yala Province

The accommodation of Bang Lang Dam is available for familys or groups. 

Tourists can see the scenery of the dam surrounded by green hills and forest. The tour is suitable for tourists who prefer a slow lifestyle to breathe in the fresh air. The accommodation is available as separate buildings and apartments. 

The meeting room is complete with facilities and can accommodate around 30-200 persons. 

The restaurant offers standardized Thai and Muslim dishes.

EGAT welcomes the return of tourists after the COVID-19 situation has become better. 

EGAT has developed its dams and the areas around the power plants to become a good quality tourist destination which complies with the safety and health standard to promote EGAT’s image and to build the confidence of tourists in using the quality service of EGAT’s accommodations, restaurants, and golf courses. 

In this connection, you are invited to buy community products around the dams to help generate income and to drive local economy in order to survive the COVID-19 situation together.

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