Information Technology

Mr. Piyapong Worakee
Assistant Governor – Information Technology

Tel. +66 (0) 2436 3012
E-mail: piyapong.w @

EGAT’s Digital Vision

To be a digital-driven organization by 2024

EGAT Digital Strategy 2019-2026

Strategy 1 Electricity Innovation : Focus on digital technology to create innovation for stability of the electrical system, improving and increasing the efficiency of EGAT’s core businesses.
Strategy 2 Growth for Sustainability : Create future by digital technology to support the development or investment in related businesses and new business opportunities.
Strategy 3 Administration Excellence : Change the organization to have high performance and keep up with change by using digital technology to support the operations.
Strategy 4 Trust and Pride of Nation : Focus on the operation is transparent and accepted by society. Digital technology help stakeholders accept and live together.
Strategy 5 Establish Digital Foundation : Develop digital infrastructure and cultivate a true digital culture throughout the organization. Promote all these ICT enablers to drive corporate strategies and businesses.

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