Strategic Directions & Objectives

Enhancing competitive advantages of EGAT core business

Generation Business:

  • Develop new coal-fired power plants
  • Develop new gas-fired power plants
  • Improve operating efficiency of existing power facilities
  • Acquire new power sources from neighboring countries
  • Study the feasibility of coal import for EGAT’s own power plants

Transmission Business:

  • Expand transmission system to serve growing needs
  • Develop existing transmission grid into smart grid
  • Develop power and transmission projects to support the integration of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
  • Improve reliability and security of power supply system comparable to international standards
Building growth in EGAT Group and related business
  • Expand EGAT’s O & M business
  • Building strengths of EGAT Group
  • Develop ASEAN Business Information Center
  • Acquire financial sources to adequately viably support EGAT’s long-term investment
Being a caring organization for society and environment
  • Improve energy efficiency of the country
  • Promote energy efficiency and energy conservation
  • Nurture a good relationship with society
  • Rebrand to enhance corporate image
  • Integrate recognized CSR international standards into EGAT’s CSR practices
Being a high performance organization
  • Develop EGAT’s human resource management (HRM) and human resource development (HRD) systems to match international standards
  • Improve the organization management to address weak areas identified by the State Enterprise Performance Assessment (SEPA) results
  • Promote good corporate governance
  • Improve ICT systems to increase EGAT’s operational efficiency
  • Promote research and development (R & D) and innovative creation
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