Bhumibol Dam

(Tak Province)


“….I agree with the government that this first multipurpose project in our country is the beginning of developing the new economy to expand far and wide. Presently, water is essential for life, water and electricity promote progress in life. When the number of population has increased rapidly, water and electricity has to meet the demand sufficiently …”

part of the speech of His Majesty King Bhumibol on the occasion of the opening ceremony of Bhumibol Dam.


“Bhumibol Dam” is the first multipurpose dam of Thailand and the first dam in the Thai history which has become the origin of sustainable water management system. It was after World War II when the government at that time had an idea to build a large power plant, particularly the hydro power plant which could supply electricity to the system rapidly. A committee was established to explore the areas for building the power plants all over the country. In the exploration, Ping River in the area of Yan Ree or Yanhee Valley in Sam Ngao District, Tak Province was found to be a suitable location for the dam construction leading to the survey of “Yanhee Dam” in 1953. The dam construction took place during 1957-1964. In 1957, the “Yanhee Electricity Authority” was established to be responsible for the dam construction and for electricity generation of the Central part and the North.

Bhumibol Dam, the concrete arch dam on the Ping River, a tributary of the Chao Phraya River has provided the great benefits to the country such as electricity generation, irrigation, flood protection, transportation, tourism etc.

For electricity generation – Bhumibol Dam can generate the electricity capacity of 560 MW or 2,200 million Units supplying electric power to 36 provinces in the North, the Central, the East and the West.

For irrigation, in the rainy season, the plain on the Ping River basin below the dam can do farming and cultivation in the area of approximately 1,500,000 rai whereas in the dry season, the area of 2,000,000 rai in the Chao Phraya Project can grow crops or dry season plants.

For transportation, a boat with a depth of 2 meters will travel from Nakhon Sawan Province to Hod District, Chiang Mai Province with a distance of 400 km. Bhumobol Dam which can store water up to 12,200 million cubic meters may store water in the rainy season too and help prevent the flooding in the area.

Water discharged from the dam will benefit for consumption, agriculture, maintaining ecological system and other byproducts.

 In 1957, His Majesty King Bhumibol graciously bestowed the name of the dam “Bhumibol Dam”. On 17 may 1964, Their Majesties King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit performed the inauguration ceremony of the dam and started the operation of the power generator Unit 1. Since then, Bhumibol Hydro Power Plant has generated electricity for the happiness of the Thai people until today.

Characteristics of Dam

Reservoir capacity
13,462 million m3
Reservoir area
300 km2
Crest width
6 m
Crest length
486 m
154 m
The only concrete arch dam in Thailand. It is the largest and highest arch dam in Southeast Asia ranking the 8th of the world.

Characteristics of Power Plant

Reinforced concrete
779.20 MW
Annual generated electricity
1,062 million kWh
Generating capacity of Unit 8


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